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course the old age-old answer to is to find a mentor that that you can help to lift you and some dental societies are a great resource for that even if you don’t feel comfortable asking the guy that practices in your neighborhood for business advice you can meet people from around the country that will give you bad advicethere’s a wealth of information the majority of it is free where you can start to just surround yourself in that that business mindset and you know I my my ultimate piece of advice when I lecture to dental students sent to new dentist when it comes to getting yourself ready for that business mindset and where do you startit’s there’s no one book I would recommend it’s more of just that a mantra for yourself right it’s it’s the idea of ready fire aim which is a famous business book ready when you’re in business have an idea I’m gonna start though this recall system we’re gonna do it this way or


we’re going to spend some money on a marketing came in or whatever have an idea think it out but then just just do it right don’t sit there forever analyzing the most perfect way to do it because I’m telling you nine times out of ten you never end up doing it and you end up just keep doing the way you did yesterday but do the darn thing and then after that is is aim then you aim then say okay let’s pay attention to the metrics did this work that did not should be throughout the whole addition we refine it just not being afraid to fire and fail is is the key and if you can trust in that which is hard to do as I said when you’re worried about like not you know sending an endo file through the side of someone’s tooth like we’re we’re trained to want to be really careful in what we do the business mindset is very different from the clinical mindset you can fail in fact you will fail many times small and big in business and the goal is



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