Nickel Base Single Crystals Across Length Scales PDF Book

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Nickel Base Single Crystals Across Length Scales

Author : Loeiz Naze,Vincent Maurel,Gunther Eggeler,Jonathan Cormier,Georges Cailletaud
Publisher : Elsevier
Release : 2021-09-28
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9780128193587
File Size : 25,9 Mb
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Book Summary: Nickel Base Single Crystals Across Length Scales is addresses the most advanced knowledge in metallurgy and computational mechanics and how they are applied to superalloys used as bare materials or with a thermal barrier coating system. Joining both aspects, the book helps readers understand the mechanisms driving properties and their evolution from fundamental to application level. These guidelines are helpful for students and researchers who wish to understand issues and solutions, optimize materials, and model them in a cross-check analysis, from the atomistic to component scale. The book is useful for students and engineers as it explores processing, characterization and design. Provides an up-to-date overview on the field of superalloys Covers the relationship between microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior at high temperatures Discusses both basic and advanced modeling and characterization techniques Includes case studies that illustrate the application of techniques presented in the book

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)

Author : Somnath Ghosh,Christopher Woodward,Craig Przybyla
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2020-03-20
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9783030405625
File Size : 47,9 Mb
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Book Summary: ​This book introduces research advances in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) that have taken place under the aegis of the AFOSR/AFRL sponsored Center of Excellence on Integrated Materials Modeling (CEIMM) at Johns Hopkins University. Its author team consists of leading researchers in ICME from prominent academic institutions and the Air Force Research Laboratory. The book examines state-of-the-art advances in physics-based, multi-scale, computational-experimental methods and models for structural materials like polymer-matrix composites and metallic alloys. The book emphasizes Ni-based superalloys and epoxy matrix carbon-fiber composites and encompasses atomistic scales, meso-scales of coarse-grained models and discrete dislocations, and micro-scales of poly-phase and polycrystalline microstructures. Other critical phenomena investigated include the relationship between microstructural morphology, crystallography, and mechanisms to the material response at different scales; methods of identifying representative volume elements using microstructure and material characterization, and robust deterministic and probabilistic modeling of deformation and damage. Encompassing a slate of topics that enable readers to comprehend and approach ICME-related issues involved in predicting material performance and failure, the book is ideal for mechanical, civil, and aerospace engineers, and materials scientists, in in academic, government, and industrial laboratories.

Superalloys 2012

Author : Eric S. Huron,Roger C. Reed,Mark C. Hardy,Michael J. Mills,Rick E. Montero,Pedro Dolabella Portella,Jack Telesman
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2012-10-02
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9781118516409
File Size : 18,8 Mb
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Book Summary: A superalloy, or high-performance alloy, is an alloy that exhibits excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures. Superalloy development has been driven primarily by the aerospace and power industries. This compilation of papers from the Twelfth International Symposium on Superalloys, held from September 9-13, 2012, offers the most recent technical information on this class of materials.

Creep and Fracture in High Temperature Components

Author : European Creep Collaborative Committee
Publisher : DEStech Publications, Inc
Release : 2005
Category : Fracture mechanics
ISBN : 1932078495
File Size : 20,8 Mb
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Book Summary: Provides information from around the world on creep in multiple high-temperature metals, alloys, and advanced materials.

Continuum Scale Simulation of Engineering Materials

Author : Dierk Raabe,Franz Roters,Frédéric Barlat,Long-Qing Chen
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2006-03-06
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9783527604210
File Size : 19,8 Mb
Total Download : 721


Book Summary: This book fills a gap by presenting our current knowledge and understanding of continuum-based concepts behind computational methods used for microstructure and process simulation of engineering materials above the atomic scale. The volume provides an excellent overview on the different methods, comparing the different methods in terms of their respective particular weaknesses and advantages. This trains readers to identify appropriate approaches to the new challenges that emerge every day in this exciting domain. Divided into three main parts, the first is a basic overview covering fundamental key methods in the field of continuum scale materials simulation. The second one then goes on to look at applications of these methods to the prediction of microstructures, dealing with explicit simulation examples, while the third part discusses example applications in the field of process simulation. By presenting a spectrum of different computational approaches to materials, the book aims to initiate the development of corresponding virtual laboratories in the industry in which these methods are exploited. As such, it addresses graduates and undergraduates, lecturers, materials scientists and engineers, physicists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians, and mechanical engineers.

Probabilistic Aspects of Life Prediction

Author : W. Steven Johnson,B. M. Hillberry
Publisher : ASTM International
Release : 2004
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 0803134789
File Size : 29,9 Mb
Total Download : 284


Book Summary: As fatigue and fracture mechanics approaches are used more often for determining the useful life and/or inspection intervals for complex structures, realization sets-in that all factors are not well known or characterized. Indeed, inherent scatter exists in initial material quality and in material performance. Furthermore, projections of component usage in determination of applied stresses are inexact at best and are subject to much discrepancy between projected and actual usage. Even the models for predicting life contain inherent sources of error based on assumptions and/or empirically fitted parameters. All of these factors need to be accounted for to determine a distribution of potential lives based on combination of the aforementioned variables, as well as other factors. The purpose of this symposium was to create a forum for assessment of the state-of-the-art in incorporating these uncertainties and inherent scatter into systematic probabilistic methods for conducting life assessment.