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Etika K. Bertens

Author : K Bertens
Publisher : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Release : 1993
Category : Ethics
ISBN : 9795117440
File Size : 14,8 Mb
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Author : Tulus Suryanto,Hamzah ,Samsudin Wahab ,Yulia Chernysheva,Ali Juhary,Jie Ferry
Publisher : European Alliance for Innovation
Release : 2020-11-04
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781631902765
File Size : 21,8 Mb
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Book Summary: We are delighted to introduce the proceedings of The International Conference on Environment and Technology of Law, Business and Education on Post Covid 19 – 2020 (ICETLAWBE 2020). This conference is organized by Faculty of Law Universitas Lampung, Coorporation With Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Pulau Pinang Malaysia, STEBI Lampung Indonesia, Asia e University Malaysia, Rostov State University Russia, University of Diponegoro Indonesia, IAIN Palu Indonesia, Universitas Dian Nusantara Jakarta Indonesia, Universitas Islam Indonesia Yogyakarta Indonesia, Universitas Trunojoyo Madura Indonesia, STEBIS IGM Palembang Indonesia, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan Bandung Indonesia, Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani (UNJANI) Bandung Indonesia, Akademi Farmasi Yannas Husada, Bangkalan Indonesia and Universitas Saburai Lampung Indonesia. This conference has brought researchers, developers and practitioners around the world who are leveraging and developing technology and Environmental in Business, Law, Education and Technology and ICT. The technical program of ICETLAWBE 2020 consisted of 133 full papers. The conference tracks were: Track 1 - Law; Track 2 – Technology and ICT; Track 3 - Business; and Track 4 - Education.

Cultural Dynamics in a Globalized World

Author : Melani Budianta,Manneke Budiman,Abidin Kusno,Mikihiro Moriyama
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 2017-12-14
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781351846608
File Size : 24,9 Mb
Total Download : 741


Book Summary: The book contains essays on current issues in arts and humanities in which peoples and cultures compete as well as collaborate in globalizing the world while maintaining their uniqueness as viewed from cross- and interdisciplinary perspectives. The book covers areas such as literature, cultural studies, archaeology, philosophy, history, language studies, information and literacy studies, and area studies. Asia and the Pacifi c are the particular regions that the conference focuses on as they have become new centers of knowledge production in arts and humanities and, in the future, seem to be able to grow signifi cantly as a major contributor of culture, science and arts to the globalized world. The book will help shed light on what arts and humanities scholars in Asia and the Pacifi c have done in terms of research and knowledge development, as well as the new frontiers of research that have been explored and opening up, which can connect the two regions with the rest of the globe.


Author : DR. Syamsuddin AB,.S.Ag,.M.Pd
Publisher : Nas Media Pustaka
Release : 2023-03-29
Category : Education
ISBN : 9786233519267
File Size : 43,8 Mb
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Book Summary: Kode etik merupakan rumusan/ standar/ tuntunan tentang perilaku yang dianggap baik dan perlu ditunjukkan oleh anggota profesi dalam melaksanakan tugas-tugasnya. Kode etik pekerjaan sosial tersedia sebagai petunjuk praktek pekerjaan sosial etis, sebagai kriteria mengadakan evaluasi pada etika yang dipraktekkan secara aktual, serta sebagai perlambang (seperti palu hakim) bagi pemaksaan etika pekerjaan sosial dan dasar keputusan untuk menjawab keluhan-keluhan perilaku yang tidak etis. Asosiasi profesional pekerjaan sosial menciptakan dan mempromosikan kode etik ini untuk memberikan bimbingan dan inspirasi kepada anggota-anggotanya, sebagai pengakuan akan pentingnya kode etik itu bagi status profesi didalam komunitas dan masyarakat, serta untuk mengokohkan akar perilaku yang profesional dari anggota-anggotanya karena penyimpangan yang dilakukan sebagian (atau seorang anggota), merupakan noda bagi seluruh anggota profesi. Asosiasi pekerjaan sosial juga peduli terhadap pengaruh perilaku dan tindakan anggotanya kepada klien atau orang lain, serta pada keberlanjutan kredibilitas profesi dan efektivitas.

Contemporary Issues in the Islamic World

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2008
Category : Islam
ISBN : UCBK:C098862008
File Size : 31,9 Mb
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Book Summary: "Translation of a number of small books in Indonesian on contemporary issues in Islam which were published by the PBB UIN" -- P. ix.

Culture and International Law

Author : Hikmahanto Juwana,Jeffrey Thomas,Mohd Hazmi Mohd Rusli,Dhiana Puspitawati
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 2019-09-03
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9780429759765
File Size : 41,9 Mb
Total Download : 602


Book Summary: In this era of globalization, International Law plays a significant role in facing rapid development of various legal issues. Cultural preservation has emerged as an important legal issue that should be considered by States. This book consists of academic papers presented and discussed during the 9th International Conference of the Centre of International Law Studies (9th CILS Conference) held in Malang, Indonesia, 2-3 October 2018. The title of the book represents the major theme of the conference: "Culture and International Law." It is argued that along with globalization, cultural preservation is slowly ignored by States. Various papers presented in the book cover five topics: cultural heritage; cultural rights; culture and economic activity; culture and armed conflict; and a general topic. The authors of the papers are outstanding academics from various countries, Lithuania, United States of America, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. The conference was organized by Universitas Indonesia in collaboration with Brawijaya University. This book aims to give a useful contribution to the existing literature on International Law, specifically focussing on cultural issues from the perspective of cultural heritage and rights, economic as well as armed conflict.

BASA 2019

Author : Prasetyo Adi Wisnu Wibowo ,Suwardi Endraswara,Teguh Supriyanto,Kundharu Saddhono,Pardi
Publisher : European Alliance for Innovation
Release : 2020-06-18
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781631902550
File Size : 13,8 Mb
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Book Summary: This proceeding contains selected papers of The International Seminar On Recent Language, Literature, And Local Culture Studies “Kajian Mutakhir Bahasa, Sastra, Dan Budaya Daerah (BASA)” held on 20-21 September 2019 in Solo, Indonesia. The conference which was organized by Sastra Daerah, Faculty of Cultural Sciences Universitas Sebelas Maret and Culture Studies Postgraduate Program of Universitas Sebelas Maret. The conference accommodates topics for linguistics in general including issues in language, literature, local cultural studies, philology, folklore, oral literature, history, art, education, etc. Selecting and reviewing process for the The International Seminar On Recent Language, Literature, And Local Culture Studies “Kajian Mutakhir Bahasa, Sastra, dan Budaya Daerah” was very challenging in that it needs a goodwill of those who were involved in such a process. More than ten experts were invited in reviewing, giving suggestions for revision and at last selecting the papers. On that account, we would like to forward our appreciation and our gratefulness to such invited experts for having done the process. The committee received more than 180 papers from the participants and based on the results of the review, only 141 papers were declared fit to be presented at the seminar and subsequently published in the proceedings of BASA#3-2019 Papers in the proceeding are expected to give academic benefits, especially in broadening the horizon of our understanding in language, literature, and local culture studies. We realize that what we are presenting for the publication is till far for being perfect. Constructive criticism is very much welcome for improvement. Finally, the committees thank for the participation and congratulate for the publication of the papers in the proceedings of BASA#3-2019. The committees also thank all those who have supported and actively participated for the success of this event. Hopefully these Proceedings can be used as references in developing technology and improving learning activities in the fields of education, social, arts and humanities.


Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1997
Category : Indonesia
ISBN : UCBK:C078229637
File Size : 31,8 Mb
Total Download : 107


Book Summary: