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administering anesthesia other duties that are particular to the orthodontic assistant permit holder or the dental sedation assistant permit holder or certainly out of our scope of practice for duties that are for the registered dental hygienist so you do want to review that in the dental practice act slide presentations also review the supervision some of the duties are under general supervision and some are under direct supervision then we have conditional duties and conditional duties arecertain duties or procedures that can be performed after having special certifications in those duties so one would be an ultrasonic scaler certification which can only be used in orthodontic treatment to remove cement supragingivally from teeth so again the ultrasonic scaler certification is only used in orthodontic treatment to remove supragingival cement on the teeth another conditional duty would be any orthodontic duties or

duties of the dental sedation assistant that are permitted by the legal scope of practice for the RDA also the DA and the RDA so those are conditional you don’t have to have a OA a or a DSA permit to perform certain duties so you have to be knowledgeable about what those duties are the application of pit and fissure sealants you do have to have certification special certification to place pit and fissure sealants exempt clinical duties exempt clinical duties are duties or procedures that can be performed under the supervision of a registered dental hygienist or registered dental hygienist inalternative practice and they are limited so if you are working with a registered dental hygienist may be in or a registered dental hygienist in alternative practice you are allowed to perform extraoral duties under their supervision and basic supportive procedures such as oral evacuationor rinsing you may perform coronal polishing if

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