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office or a dentist or an auxiliary for unprofessional conduct and they request records then the office must provide those records within 15 days failure to report to the Dental Board indictments charges convictions or no contests either felony or misdemeanor so anyone holding a dental license in California the dentist’s the RDA the RDAEF the RDH the RDHAP if they have any type of indictments charges or convictions whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor they must report it to the dental board and very typical this includes a DUI you must report it to the dental boardso not only will it affect your driver’s license but it’ll affect your dental license so please think before you partake value to report any disciplinary action by other professional licensing agencies state or federal agencies or the U.S. military so if you’ve had disciplinary action you must report it to the State Board also these last two reporting convictions charges

indictments and failure to report disciplinary actions if you’re applying for licensure in California whether you’re a dental student applying for the RDA or the RDAEF or the permits and even on a national level they will ask you on those applications have you ever been convicted or currently involved with indictments charges convictions either felony or misdemeanor and you need to be an ethical person and check if indeed that is your situation check yes they may ask for documentation even if someone told you oh that has been you don’t have a record you still need to answer truthfully in those applicationsprocedures or known in California as duties for the DA RDA and RDAEF you want to review the scope of practice for those auxiliaries which are allowable duties or procedures and illegal duties illegal duties are mostly the duties of the dentist like cutting tissue whether it’s hard or softprescribing medication

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