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print today it’s e-newsletters it’s private Facebook groups it’s live events and you know the whole gamut there so as far as the the different areas that you just discussed which one is the one that you feel like you’ve resonated the most with or you have maybe even had the most interest in being you know very shortly out of dental school when I first got out of dental school I was really focused on the clinical so my answer would have been science and tech when I first got out because you’re you know you went to a residency perhaps but you’re just busy like trying to not kill people okay you’re sure when you’re working as the dead is that that was my fear is that am I gonna do this wrong am I gonna get sued I don’t have the protection of the school anymore so rightly so I was very focused onimproving my clinical skills learning more about materials the stuff they didn’t teach you in dental school clinic right but about three

years of working for other people when I wanted to just open my own practice that’s when it started to dawn on me oh I should pay attention to systems for a recall or you know making sure that my business is profitable and that’s been a long journey and so now my answer with the practice section you know I’m really interested in in still to this day eight years into my own practice learning how to do things better and learning how to lead the team and get that buy-in to deliver a consistent experience to patients make sure that there’s an endless you know I’m not saying I know everything I need to know about clinical that’s always evolving too but I feel pretty good where I am clinically and the real challenge for me now is so every year you’re trying to you know um you know unpeel that onion of you know how to run your business better and you’re a someone who you know they’re you’d be surprised how manyoh yeah I’ve

dental implant recovery time