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week so I’ve been working with de for a few years and when when my predecessor Joe blaze was stepping down retiring from from the magazine I was lucky that they thought of me so it’s been a great balance so I’ll practice two or three days a week and then the rest is at home or on the road lecturing answering an endless supply of emails and phone calls and I enjoy that balance right so for the people that aren’t familiar with digital economics what what does it look at I was do for the community at large sure so dental economics has been around since 1911 it was known by the name oral hygiene at the time and it’s always had a focus on the business of dentistry on practice manager yeah there’s some stuff about products there’s some stuff about clinical but that’s really not the focus though that material is always walking us back towards where should youpurchase this decision purchased this technology for your practice

can you treat patients more efficiently it’s not just a showcase of a brilliant clinical skill so when I took over in 2014 we organized the magazine into fourdistinct pieces of content four sections the first is called macroeconomics so we look at the big sweeping changethat are affecting our profession as we know in the past 10 20 years there’s quite a lot that’s happened to our profession and it affects every single one of us the second section is practice that’s our bread and butter that’s a lot of practice management advice the third section is science and tech whereas I was mentioned before we get into a little bit of clinical a little bit of products but it’s more related to the business opportunities that it brings and then the fourth section is is money we have talked about investmentsretirements and those other kinds of financial buts by so that in a nutshell encapsulates the kind of content that we put out but of course it’s beyond just

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