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Dentistry we’recoming to the end now some other unprofessional conduct is that the DDS must perform or allow excuse me let me start overfor the DDS to perform or allow any treatment by any auxilary the patient must be a patient of recordand so a patient of record is where the doctor has examined the patient reviewed their medical dental history and developed a treatment plan and then the auxiliary is allowed to perform treatment nowthere’s some exceptions where a doctor can perform a preliminary exam let’s say it’s a dental emergency so maybe they want to get the image going and so the doctor can say to the auxiliary go ahead and take a radiographic image and they look at the patient’s they say what tooth is bothering you and they say ok number 12 take a PA of number 12 so that’s anexception to having a full exam by the doctor reviewing the health history although that should always be looked at

you know to make sure of the patient’s health before you know seating the patient excuse me my opinion or no exam if for specified situations that would be if let’s say in a clinical or clinic situation telehealth via the internet a a patient is excuse me a dentist is not required to review patient records if they’re going to use telehealth next some ethical practices for dental radiography now this is just in general it is not specific to the California Dental Practice Act but I believe that auxiliaries should be aware of patient selection criteria and of course since we’re following the RDA exam plan this is part of that exam plan remember that patient selection criteria is evidence-based it is no longer based on the calendar it was old practice to say everyfive years a patient must have a full mouth x-ray or every year a patient has to have bite wings that is not the case anymoreit is evidence-based do they actually need this these dental

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