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that the topics could have been grouped a little better but again I want to follow the exam plan for the students so failure to use a fail-safe machine for nitrous oxide oxygen administration most all machines I would say all machines have a fail-safe mechanism and the failsafe mechanism is where you can only administer oxygen at a minimum level of 3 milliliters and that’s the failsafe part of the machine engaging in dentistry with an expired license that is unprofessional conduct unethical and illegal and you want to review about license renewal so very important to keep your license currentfailure to follow infection control guidelines by the dental by the board meaning the Dental Board so in California there are several pages ofinfection control guidelines that offices must follow in the state of Californiacontinuing with unprofessional conduct the utilization by a licensed dentist of an auxiliary who does not

possess a current valid license or permit at the time of employment I think that’s been covered the dentist or even if it is delegated to an office manager in hiring auxiliaries who say yes I’m an RDA which is a licensed dental auxiliary or an RDAEF or I am register registered dental hygienist all in the state of California it really is their responsibility to investigate to look up the current that the licensure for that person before they actually start working on patients and that can easily be done through the Dental Board website you can look up the license forauxiliaries and the dentist prescribing dispensing or furnishing drugs or devices so that is illegal for anyone except the dentist to prescribe dispense or furnish drugs or devices to patients failure to provide the board within 15 days as requested excuse me failure to provide recordswithin 15 days as requested by the Dental Board so if the Dental Board is investigating an

dental implant side effects