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got an MBA or something like that and but the majority the vast majority don’t have some type of undergraduate or even maybe they haven’t even taken really any business courses what do you really say to people that you know are from that background to have that maybe you know because I do find that a lot of the younger dentists do you knowgravitate towards the clinical areas which is no natural but whenever they do make that leap from clinical to saying okay I gotta figure out some of the business stuff if I ever want to make any money in this industry how do you have them you know go from point A to B in there like because that’s a that’s a that’s a hard hard hard thing to get through well first of all you definitely don’t need an MBA to run a business or run a dental practice that’s for darn sure there are so many successful businesses in your own local community you have to think that harder to find really

successful businesses and I guarantee you the majority of them don’t have MBAs they probably weren’t even business majors in any case right not to not to take away from that education and believe me I don’t have an MBA but I’m reading MBA like books on management and all those things now and I’m really enjoying the lessons that they impart but someone that’s just beginning that journey towards ownership maybe they were like me a few years ago they were so soothing and they’re like I’m gonna start my own business but know where to startmy advice is to surround yourself with the people that know more than Isurround yourself with the CPAs but practice brokers with people that will you know people from Bank of America practice solutions or Wells Fargo or these other dental specific lenders you can surround yourself with experts who are mutually invested in you have being having a successful practice of

dental implant and mri