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you are an RDA and certified in that procedure you may apply topical fluoride as a DA application of sealants provided that you are certified which would be RDA or RDAEF and those would be exempt clinical duties under the supervision of a registered dental hygienist or a registered dental hygienists in alternative practice now there’s a lot of lines here on this slide again I’mfollowing the exam RDA exam plan and so there are many areas here that if you’re my student you want to go back and review scope of practice for the DA RDA RDAEF including the duties supervision and settingswhat is the DA RDA RDEF involvement in initial patient care what is allowed for those auxiliaries with caries detection devices liners and bonding agents what can the DA RDAEF and excuse me da RDA and RDA EF do in regards to applying and activating whitening agentshave knowledge of direct and indirect restorations again as associated

with the DA RDA and RDAEF final impressions who can do that and under what supervision coronal polishing and application of pit and fissure sealants again reviewed the scope of practice review the scope of practice for the DA RDA everybody say it with me and RDAEF for endodontic periodontal procedures extra oral prosthodontic appliances and infection control procedures you also want to have knowledge or review your radiationsafety and remember that in California all persons operating dental radiography equipment must be licensed that’s what it was called prior to 1985 or currently we say certified which became the term after 1985 so everyone must have a dental radiography certificate in order to obtain radiographs also it is unprofessional conduct for the dentists to allow any person to obtain radiographic images if they are not certified or licensed so that is aiding and abetting illegal practice of

dental implant disadvantages

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