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corporation hire someone with suspended a student or unlicensed dentist or auxiliary and allows them to work you’ll see this and the next two lines here are next to bullets in a capacity of a licensed individual that is unprofessional conduct and can result in penalty and finesaiding and abetting of an unlicensed person to practice dentistry so in California we do not have reciprocity with other states or countries for practicing dentistry in California you can look up on the Dental Board website of California or your state there are some exceptions but it’s very limited to DDS and volunteering and the community but very limited limitedpractice soyou can its the dentist and the dentist dental corporations responsibility to actually make sure the person is licensed to practice dentistry and again an example of unprofessional conduct would be oh my sister is a dentist maybe in another country or another state so they’re

coming for the summer just to work in my dental office and perform dentistry and that is an example of unprofessional conduct and illegal practice next aiding-and-abetting of licensed person to practice dentistry unlawfully and summary of this particular unprofessional conduct is that allowing the dental health team to practice outside of their scope of practice so if you’re my student or you are in California you want to review the Dental Practice Act because it’s very specific as to the scope of practice for the DA the unlicensed auxiliary the RDA the registered dental assistant which is licensed the RDAEF and of course the registered dental hygienists level scope of practice as well but we’re going to focus on the DA RDA and RDAEF so there have been lots of cases you can see hot sheets for dentists allowing license like the the DA the RDA RDAEF to perform scaling no you cannot scale pediatric patients that is illegal

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that the topics could have been grouped a little better but again I want to follow the exam plan for the students so failure to use a fail-safe machine for nitrous oxide oxygen administration most all machines I would say all machines have a fail-safe mechanism and the failsafe mechanism is where you can only administer oxygen at a minimum level of 3 milliliters and that’s the failsafe part of the machine engaging in dentistry with an expired license that is unprofessional conduct unethical and illegal and you want to review about license renewal so very important to keep your license currentfailure to follow infection control guidelines by the dental by the board meaning the Dental Board so in California there are several pages ofinfection control guidelines that offices must follow in the state of Californiacontinuing with unprofessional conduct the utilization by a licensed dentist of an auxiliary who does not

possess a current valid license or permit at the time of employment I think that’s been covered the dentist or even if it is delegated to an office manager in hiring auxiliaries who say yes I’m an RDA which is a licensed dental auxiliary or an RDAEF or I am register registered dental hygienist all in the state of California it really is their responsibility to investigate to look up the current that the licensure for that person before they actually start working on patients and that can easily be done through the Dental Board website you can look up the license forauxiliaries and the dentist prescribing dispensing or furnishing drugs or devices so that is illegal for anyone except the dentist to prescribe dispense or furnish drugs or devices to patients failure to provide the board within 15 days as requested excuse me failure to provide recordswithin 15 days as requested by the Dental Board so if the Dental Board is investigating an

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print today it’s e-newsletters it’s private Facebook groups it’s live events and you know the whole gamut there so as far as the the different areas that you just discussed which one is the one that you feel like you’ve resonated the most with or you have maybe even had the most interest in being you know very shortly out of dental school when I first got out of dental school I was really focused on the clinical so my answer would have been science and tech when I first got out because you’re you know you went to a residency perhaps but you’re just busy like trying to not kill people okay you’re sure when you’re working as the dead is that that was my fear is that am I gonna do this wrong am I gonna get sued I don’t have the protection of the school anymore so rightly so I was very focused onimproving my clinical skills learning more about materials the stuff they didn’t teach you in dental school clinic right but about three

years of working for other people when I wanted to just open my own practice that’s when it started to dawn on me oh I should pay attention to systems for a recall or you know making sure that my business is profitable and that’s been a long journey and so now my answer with the practice section you know I’m really interested in in still to this day eight years into my own practice learning how to do things better and learning how to lead the team and get that buy-in to deliver a consistent experience to patients make sure that there’s an endless you know I’m not saying I know everything I need to know about clinical that’s always evolving too but I feel pretty good where I am clinically and the real challenge for me now is so every year you’re trying to you know um you know unpeel that onion of you know how to run your business better and you’re a someone who you know they’re you’d be surprised how manyoh yeah I’ve

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joint the more impact and influence the jaw will have on the movement of the teeth so anterior guidance is a term which you might hear quite a lot of and that is the relationship between the top and bottom anterior teeth and it has two components horizontal overlaps of the anterior teeth which is the overjet and vertical overlaps of the teeth which is the overbite so the over jet is a horizontal overlap so again if you’ve got top and bottom teeth the top teeth are further forward so the more that they move further forward so the bigger increase in horizontal space is an increased over jet and then the vertical relationships there is the top teeth are lower more overlapping bottom teeth becomes an increased overbite so this would be a big overjet and a small overbite big over jets big overbite and small over jet small overbite and small over jet big overbiteso occlusion basically means closure so officially it would just refer to the

static relationship between the teeth but in dentistry we do use the term occlusion like I said before to also include the dynamic movement and the relationship of the teeth in function as well as static so there’s four types of occlusion which we need to consider in terms of relationshipsthere’s incisal canine molar but then there’s also a skeletal classification as well so we’ll start with the skeletal classification so there should be a diagram appearing over the screen now which shows you in class one two and three in terms of skeletalclassification so class one isidealistic so what we would a m– to achieve sometimes that isn’t possible all the patient may need surgery to achieve that but in general these are the three skeletal classifications which we would look at overall so occasionally a patient may have for example a class three skeletal pattern but they might have a different incisal relationship to their skeletal pattern

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based on where we place teeth because if somebody is say class two and they’ve got lots of lip supports we need to be mindful if we suddenly change that incisorrelationship and make them class one they might feel like they lookcompletely different and that might not be for the best for that patient so it’s important to understand the impact the position of the teeth especially the anterior teeth will have on aesthetics and ensure you think about the long-term consequences of changing this on the whole appearance of the face fourth the anterior teeth and anterior guidance impacts the envelope of function so the space which the lower teeth in the mandible have to move during function if we reduce that envelope of function we can get more tooth where teethfracturingedge bonding for example with composites can start breaking off so we have to be reallyfor that we don’t reduce the envelope of

function and restricts the teeth because you’re going to get restorations breaking off left right and center and much more advanced to that and the final reason anterior guidance is really important is that it protects the posterior teeth during eccentric mandible movement so if you do a strange movement it stops you just shuttering your back teeth because it immediately opens the teeth up and relieves the posterior teeth from being sort of bitten together so drawing patru civ movements the incisal edges of the lower teeth move downward and forward on the palatal surfaces of the upper teeth and this mirrors the movement of the condyle in the jaw joint during protrusion the condyle moves downwards and forwards so it’s the same as what the lower incisor edges do on the back so the palatal surfaces of the maxillary incisors so next going to come on to interferences so an interference is when the teeth and

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communication and fair treatment and we’re going to use some legal terms here many of these this information I should say from the dental board from the Dental Practice Act does deal directly with the dentist but as licensed dental auxiliaries it also affects our profession and even the unlicensed the DA in California is an unlicensed dental healthcare worker and there are some of the laws that affect the DA and certainly ethical behavior affects the DA so the first one we’ll look at is veracity telling the truth being honest and telling so what this means is that we need to communicate truthfully with our patients not only the dentist but the dental really the whole dental health team we want to be honest trustworthy to them in dealing with our patients an example might be if a patient asks either the dentist or the chairside assistant like how many veneers has this dentist placed and maybe it’s a new dentist so even if

it’s a seasoned dentist well-established practice you want to be honest with the patient as far as how many veneers the patient has or the doctor has placed or maybe the doctor has discussed some type of new material or new procedure so you want the patient to know by being honest maybe it’s the first time you’re going to use a certain type of dental material so the patient should have that information patient autonomy so the patient has the right toself-determination and confidentiality what self-determination means is that the patient actually has the right to accept treatment or deny treatment and we know that sometimes patients will come in with information where they want to deny treatment I would say dental radiography is a very big or a good example of this information on patient autonomy because patients do not want to be exposed unnecessarily to radiation we certainly don’t want to expose

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