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Tangled Vines

Author : Frances Dinkelspiel
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2015-10-06
Category : True Crime
ISBN : 9781250033215
File Size : 34,8 Mb
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Book Summary: On October 12, 2005, a massive fire broke out in the Wines Central wine warehouse in Vallejo, California. Within hours, the flames had destroyed 4.5 million bottles of California's finest wine worth more than $250 million, making it the largest destruction of wine in history. The fire had been deliberately set by a passionate oenophile named Mark Anderson, a skilled con man and thief with storage space at the warehouse who needed to cover his tracks. With a propane torch and a bucket of gasoline-soaked rags, Anderson annihilated entire California vineyard libraries as well as bottles of some of the most sought-after wines in the world. Among the priceless bottles destroyed were 175 bottles of Port and Angelica from one of the oldest vineyards in California made by Frances Dinkelspiel's great-great grandfather, Isaias Hellman, in 1875. Sadly, Mark Anderson was not the first to harm the industry. The history of the California wine trade, dating back to the 19th Century, is a story of vineyards with dark and bloody pasts, tales of rich men, strangling monopolies, the brutal enslavement of vineyard workers and murder. Five of the wine trade murders were associated with Isaias Hellman's vineyard in Rancho Cucamonga beginning with the killing of John Rains who owned the land at the time. He was shot several times, dragged from a wagon and left off the main road for the coyotes to feed on. In her new book, Frances Dinkelspiel looks beneath the casually elegant veneer of California's wine regions to find the obsession, greed and violence lying in wait. Few people sipping a fine California Cabernet can even guess at the Tangled Vines where its life began.

These Tangled Vines

Author : Julianne MacLean
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2021-06
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542025397
File Size : 26,9 Mb
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Book Summary: From the USA Today bestselling author of A Curve in the Road comes a sweeping and captivating tale of one woman's journey to the lush vineyards of Tuscany--and into the mysteries of a tragic family secret. If Fiona has learned anything in life, it's how to keep a secret--even from the father who raised her. She is the only person who knows about her late mother's affair in Tuscany thirty years earlier, and she intends to keep it that way...until a lawyer calls with shocking news: her biological father has died and left her an incredible inheritance--along with two half siblings. Fiona travels to Italy, where the family is shocked to learn of her existence and desperate to contest her share of the will. While the mystery of her mother's affair is slowly unraveled, Fiona must navigate through tricky family relationships and tense sibling rivalries. Fiona both fears and embraces her new destiny as she searches for the truth about the fateful summer her mother spent in Italy and the father she never knew. Spilling over with the sumptuous flavors and romance of Tuscany, These Tangled Vines takes readers on a breathtaking journey of love, secrets, sacrifice, courage--and most importantly, the true meaning of family.

A Curve in the Road

Author : Julianne MacLean
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2018-08
Category : Drunk driving
ISBN : 1503904458
File Size : 26,9 Mb
Total Download : 655


Book Summary: Abbie MacIntyre is living the dream in the picturesque Nova Scotia town she calls home. She is a successful surgeon, is married to a handsome cardiologist, and has a model teenage son who is only months away from going off to college. But then one fateful night, everything changes. When a drunk driver hits her car, Abbie is rushed to the hospital. She survives, but the accident forces unimaginable secrets out into the open and plagues Abbie with nightmares so vivid that she starts to question her grip on reality. Her perfect life begins to crack, and those cracks threaten to shatter her world completely. The search for answers will test her strength in every way—as a wife, a career woman, and a mother—but it may also open the door for Abbie to move forward, beyond anger and heartbreak, to find out what she is truly made of. In learning to heal and trust again, she may just find new hope in the spaces left behind.

Tangled Vines

Author : Janet Dailey
Publisher : Open Road Media
Release : 2014-04-29
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781497626492
File Size : 53,9 Mb
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Book Summary: From the New York Times–bestselling author, this vintage romantic thriller set on a Napa Valley winery “all but begs to be made into a TV miniseries” (Publishers Weekly). A tough-as-nails reporter at NBC, Kelly Douglas is on her way to the top. Her latest story—a profile of the famed Rutledge Estate winery in Napa Valley—could make her career, but the dream assignment turns into a nightmare when it puts her face-to-face with the one man she hoped to never see again: her abusive father, Len Dougherty. Len won a portion of the winery in a settlement with the family years ago. And he’s been a thorn in their side ever since. Kelly can only hope he doesn’t foul up her story—or her budding romance with the charming winery manager, Sam Rutledge. But when Kelly’s reporting uncovers a murder at the vineyard, Len threatens to ruin her life once and for all. With over 300 million copies of her novels in print, New York Times–bestselling author Janet Dailey is a legend of romantic suspense. In this page-turning tale, she brings her “mastery of sweeping romance, divided loyalties, and searing passion” to Northern California wine country (Lanier County News).

Captured by the Highlander

Author : Julianne MacLean
Publisher : St. Martin's Paperbacks
Release : 2011-03-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1429966548
File Size : 14,9 Mb
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Book Summary: Lady Amelia Sutherland would rather die than surrender to a man like Duncan MacLean. He is the fiercest warrior of his clan—her people's sworn enemy—and tonight he is standing over her bed. Eyes blazing, muscles taut, and battle axe gleaming, MacLean has come to kill Amelia's fiancé. But once he sees the lovely, innocent Amelia, he decides to take her instead... Stealing the young bride-to-be is the perfect revenge against the man who murdered Duncan's one true love. But Lady Amelia turns out to be more than a pawn of vengeance and war. This brave, beautiful woman touches something deep in Duncan's soul that is even more powerful than a warrior's fury. But when Amelia begins to fall in love with her captor—and surrenders in his arms—the real battle begins... Julianne MacLean's Captured by the Highlander is sizzling historical romance.

The Rebound

Author : Catherine Walsh
Publisher : Bookouture
Release : 2022-02-14
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781800195660
File Size : 35,9 Mb
Total Download : 122


Book Summary: ‘OMG this book was just what I needed… Kept me turning the pages and reading late into the night… It was like drinking a great big warm mug of hot chocolate, I just loved it.’ Reading Time at the Zoo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A newly single girl. A tall dark handsome stranger. What could go wrong? It’s 7 a.m. on a Monday and Abby Reynolds isn’t where she wants to be. She wants to be in her beautiful loft apartment in Manhattan, drinking a coffee with her fiancé. Instead, she’s heading back to the childhood home in rural Ireland she swore she’d never return to, with some big old secrets. Namely that she’s suddenly found herself unemployed, homeless, and absolutely 100% single. She’s feeling all out of luck. Until the first person she meets after she touches down is an absurdly hot guy called Luke, who offers her a lift home. Gazing deep into his sparkling emerald-green eyes, Abby knows instantly that he’s exactly what she needs to take her mind off everything. The perfect rebound. It’s a flawless plan. Until the next day, when Abby realizes who he actually is. Not just a stranger. He is, in fact, Luke Bailey, aka the boy next door. Luke Bailey who—so help her God—she’s pretty sure she once shared baths with, back when they were kids. Not that she can allow herself to imagine him in a bath now, not without blushing from head to foot. And judging by the smirk on his face, the same Luke Bailey who’s known exactly who she was the whole time… And who, like everyone in the village, still thinks she’s a high-flying New Yorker… who’s getting married next year. Abby is certain getting under Luke will help her get over her ex. But the truth is stopping her. Can she admit to everyone back home that she’s single and has lost everything? Because, if she wants the boy next door, she may just have to… The perfect feel-good romantic comedy that will make you laugh until you cry and fall completely in love. Fans of Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, and Emily Henry won’t be able to put this down! Readers are completely obsessed with The Rebound: ‘OMG I LOVED IT… I couldn’t put it down… I laughed out loud so many times… It felt like watching a very warm, very cute, very endearing movie. Loved every second of it.’ @fabooklover ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘This book is PERFECT… Luke is *chef’s kiss*… The tension and slow burn between Luke and Abby had me on the edge of my seat, waiting for them to GET TOGETHER!!’ @manic_bibliophiles ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I really love this book… The HUMOUR!!! The perfect amount of sarcasm, wit, and darkness. Genuinely laughing out loud while reading… Perfect… Honestly, I just love this book. New instant fav — and the perfect read!’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘To say I devoured this book is an understatement… I love love love that it’s set in a small town in Ireland… A perfect recipe for swooning… I read this book right after The Hating Game when I was looking for something to fill the void and it did just that.’ @_bookally_ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I couldn’t put it down. Like literally. I was reading in school, in the car, in my free time, and everywhere else.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I loved this… So cute and romantic. The men in Irish romcoms are always so swoonworthy and this lived up to that!’ Rainy Day Reads and Coffee ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Everything I look for in a romance – packed full of humour, flirting, chemistry and a little bit of drama. I couldn’t put it down and feel a little bit lost now I’ve finished… Addictive.’ @theyorkshirebookshelf ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Had me addicted from page one! I was laughing, crying and swooning from start to finish!’ Ateachersguidetoreading ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Author : Delta James
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-05-06
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798749773125
File Size : 11,8 Mb
Total Download : 166


Book Summary: He only has plans to eradicate the Hunters...until he must chase down his fated mate.The Hunters are becoming bold. Damian Steel has called a summit of all wolf packs along the Pacific Coast. When Hudson Rhodes arrives on the same motorcycle Steve McQueen once rode, he is expecting nothing more than to come up with a plan to eradicate the Hunters... turning predators into prey. The last thing he expected to feel was the call of his fated mate. Shasta Warren, the bad girl of the Sonoma Pack, is only willing to be the mistress of her own destiny. But when the Hunters attack and Hudson sends her away to save herself, Shasta can't help but come to the brooding alpha's aid. As Hudson recovers from his wounds, Shasta slips away to begin a secret new life in the Crescent City. But she won't be able to hide forever. The Alpha of New Orleans is known as an incurable romantic and jumps at the chance to help his old friend, Hudson, bring his fated mate to heel.Publisher note: Decanted is a paranormal shifter story with steamy heat in and out of the bedroom for mature readers only.


Author : Perumal Murugan
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2017-04-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9789385890932
File Size : 36,9 Mb
Total Download : 902


Book Summary: ‘Pyre glows with as much power as [One Part Woman] did, and adds immeasurable value to contemporary Indian literature’—The Hindu Saroja and Kumaresan are in love. After a hasty wedding, they arrive in Kumaresan’s village, harboring a dangerous secret: their marriage is an inter-caste one, likely to upset the village elders should they get to know of it. Kumaresan is naively confident that all will be well. But nothing is further from the truth. Despite the strident denials of the young couple, the villagers strongly suspect that Saroja must belong to a different caste. It is only a matter of time before their suspicions harden into certainty and, outraged, they set about exacting their revenge. A devastating tale of innocent young love pitted against chilling savagery, Pyre conjures a terrifying vision of intolerance.