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The Medical Jungle: A Pioneering Surgeon's Battle to Revolutionize Vascular Care and Challenge the Medical Mafia

Author : Frank J. Veith MD,Glenn Plaskin
Publisher : Amplify Publishing
Release : 2023-02-07
Category : Medical
ISBN : 1637552629
File Size : 40,8 Mb
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Book Summary: "Dr. Veith would seem an unlikely radical, but he is waging an aggressive and unusually public fight in the clubby world of the medical profession."--The New York Times As one of America's most celebrated vascular surgeons, Dr. Frank Veith's career was anything but conventional--from working undercover with the CIA to fighting to make vascular surgery an independent specialty to creating the largest vascular conference in the world (the VEITHsymposium). Dr. Veith's pioneering leadership led to the development of revolutionary techniques in limb salvage, lung transplantation, and endovascular treatment: including the first endovascular aortic aneurysm repair in North America. It also earned him a reputation as a medical maverick who cared more about his patients than the bottom line. Each of his innovative concepts was initially rejected by a hypercompetitive medical establishment that operated by the metaphorical law of the jungle--eat or be eaten. Hospital administrators, medical organizations, and vying colleagues spent decades trying to discredit his work or dismiss it entirely, either because they refused to believe it was possible or were too jealous to admit the truth. Ultimately, some of them even co-opted his innovations and claimed his research as their own. In The Medical Jungle, Dr. Veith reveals the world of high-level medicine as it has rarely been seen--recounting the stories, techniques, principles, and philosophies that shaped his success. Always going against the grain for the greater good, his perseverance and courage will inspire anyone (in any profession) fighting the good fight.

The Jungle Books

Author : Rudyard Kipling
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2008-06-12
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780199536450
File Size : 16,8 Mb
Total Download : 672


Book Summary: Presents the adventures of Mowgli, a boy reared by a pack of wolves and the wild animals of the jungle. Also includes other short stories set in India.

The Jungle Effect

Author : Daphne Miller, M.D.
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2009-10-13
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9780061844607
File Size : 53,9 Mb
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Book Summary: Why do the relatively poor native populations in Mexico and Africa have such low levels of the chronic diseases that plague the United States? Why is the rate of seasonal affective disorder in Iceland—a country where dreary weather is the norm—so low? Why is it that older women in Okinawa have such low breast cancer rates that it is not considered cost-effective for them to get screening mammograms? The Jungle Effect has the life-changing answers to these important questions, and many more. Whether it's the heart-healthy Cretan diet, with its reliance on olive oil and fresh vegetables, the antidepressive Icelandic diet and its extremely high levels of omega-3s, the age-defying Okinawa diet and its emphasis on vegetables and fish, or the other diets explored herein, everyone who reads this book will come away with the secrets of a longer, healthier life and the recipes necessary to put those secrets into action. The Jungle Effect is filled with inspiring stories from Dr. Miller's patients, quirky travel adventures, interviews with world-renowned food experts, delicious (yet authentic) indigenous recipes, and valuable diet secrets that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Jungle Surgeon

Author : Lawrence Mueller, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
Release : 2021-04-28
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781662407369
File Size : 21,8 Mb
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Book Summary: I have read through this book and am really inspired by all the works that Dr. Mueller has done for the Karen hill tribe. The works and experiences that he had with the Karen people in the Karen State are tremendously amazing. This book will bring great understanding for people and foreigners who want to help out, especially those who are sympathetic to the causes and needy people who still lack many things. I enjoyed reading this book. It was a blessing to us Karens that we had someone like Dr. Mueller who helped to bring humanitarian assistance to the remote areas in order to spread the gospel and make things better for others. I deeply thank him for all the works that he has done for our Karen people and other ethnic groups. -Major General Ner Dah Bo Mya, Chief of Staff, Karen National Defense Organization Dr. Larry Mueller is a pioneering physician who has the longest and most in-depth experience of any medical professional who served in the conflict areas of Burma. He donated significant professional time over twenty-five years serving in the Thai-Burmese border areas. Whether directly treating IDPs (internally displaced persons), or refugees in the border zones with his surgical skill, or training medics, he has been the most revered doctor in these areas and is considered an angel. Dr. Mueller is a brilliant surgeon who is flexible, inventive, and, above all, able to operate successfully in remote locations with very little support. Through his own surgeries and the training that he has imparted to our medics, Dr. Mueller has saved hundreds of lives and had a direct impact on healing and improving the lives of thousands more. -David Eubank, Founder and Director, Free Burma Rangers (

The Ethnobotany of Eden

Author : Robert A. Voeks
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 2018-06-27
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780226547855
File Size : 17,8 Mb
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Book Summary: In the mysterious and pristine forests of the tropics, a wealth of ethnobotanical panaceas and shamanic knowledge promises cures for everything from cancer and AIDS to the common cold. To access such miracles, we need only to discover and protect these medicinal treasures before they succumb to the corrosive forces of the modern world. A compelling biocultural story, certainly, and a popular perspective on the lands and peoples of equatorial latitudes—but true? Only in part. In The Ethnobotany of Eden, geographer Robert A. Voeks unravels the long lianas of history and occasional strands of truth that gave rise to this irresistible jungle medicine narrative. By exploring the interconnected worlds of anthropology, botany, and geography, Voeks shows that well-intentioned scientists and environmentalists originally crafted the jungle narrative with the primary goal of saving the world’s tropical rainforests from destruction. It was a strategy deployed to address a pressing environmental problem, one that appeared at a propitious point in history just as the Western world was taking a more globalized view of environmental issues. And yet, although supported by science and its practitioners, the story was also underpinned by a persuasive mix of myth, sentimentality, and nostalgia for a long-lost tropical Eden. Resurrecting the fascinating history of plant prospecting in the tropics, from the colonial era to the present day, The Ethnobotany of Eden rewrites with modern science the degradation narrative we’ve built up around tropical forests, revealing the entangled origins of our fables of forest cures.

Jungle Justice

Author : Adventor Trye
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2006-02-16
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781467063265
File Size : 32,9 Mb
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Book Summary: Where do we find justice and freedom in our world today? We believe that justice and freedom can be found on earth through the sensitive leadership of our leaders. Next to God, our leaders are given the responsibilities to safeguard our lives and properties. With that in mind, this book, Jungle Justice, presents the dramatic account of a certain insensitive leadership. The author created an imaginary state called Dubli Kingdom that symbolizes some third world nations. A self-styled leader called Blamah maliciously got into power with the aim of bringing justice and freedom to his people. Instead of delivering the goods he promised, Blamah and his admirers terrorized the sub-region for decades. He abused the dignity of humanity, and executed many former leaders, citizens and destroyed the nation beyond a century of its existence. The land became the biggest undeveloped global village. He isolated himself from other world leaders. In fact, he considered anyone who advised him as his number one enemy. Many people went into exile in the search of freedom and a better life. While Blamah was carrying on his genocidal activities, and the widespread crime of ethnic cleansing against nations in the sub-region, a liberator named Leila became the redeeming leader. He was the most successful and wisest leader who ever ruled Dubli Kingdom. He stabilized and minimized corruption, and eased crimes in the kingdom. He reconciled the nation with other nations. Leila called his form of government, the assembly democracy. With this form of government, decision-making was in the hands of every citizen, and any approved decision was presented to the national government for implementation. Dubli Kingdom rapidly developed to meet international standard through the many projects undertaken by the leading government, investors and entrepreneurs. No one could easily notice that the land was once devastated, and jungle justice was erased. A.M. Trye uses parables and proverbs as metaphors to develop the plot and explain the theme.

Bridge to the Rain Forest : Medical Missions at the Jungle's Edge

Author : Eleanor Boyes,World Radio Missionary Fellowship
Publisher : Colorado Springs, Company : Mississauga, Ont. : World Radio Missionary Fellowship
Release : 1995
Category : Missions, Medical
ISBN : 0969942303
File Size : 44,9 Mb
Total Download : 452


Book Summary: