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The Israel Coffee Table Photobook

Author : Eitan Bar
Publisher : Independently Published
Release : 2022-12-13
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798368330068
File Size : 48,9 Mb
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Book Summary: NEW 2023 RELEASE!Enjoy a vibrant glance at some of Israel's most remarkable places!These photos will take you on an immersive tour of Israel through rare and especially unique photography that is NOT available elsewhere! In this photo book, you will enjoy the spectacular scenery of: - Jerusalem (City of David, Mount of Olives, Western Wall, etc.). - Tel-Aviv & Ancient Jaffa. - Ancient Caesarea. - Mediterranean (coastal line). - Ancient Acre. - The Dead Sea. - The Sea of Galilee. - Mount Carmel & Haifa. - Castle Nimrod. - Judaean Desert & Judean Hills. - Masada. - More... This book is in the style of modern coffee table books, meaning it has the appearance of a magazine that is very big and with extra thick pages to maintain the quality of the printed photos. It is also a "happy book," meaning a book without a hardcover or boards, saving more trees! (Scroll all the way down to see samples of the photos)About the author and photographer: While I am known for my other books - a best seller included - photography became a favorite hobby many years ago. In this little photobook, I put together the most exceptional photos from the past 15 years. I hope you will enjoy Israel from my eyes as an Israeli photographer.

Ancient Israel

Author : Sophia Simone
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019-09-13
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1692933736
File Size : 49,9 Mb
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Book Summary: THIS IS A PICTURE BOOK. NO TEXT. A beautiful Colorful Picture book with stunning images. One of the world's most incredible countries, experience and take a journey through this Israel photo book and be transported to the much loved country in this spectacular photography Book which captures this exquisite country in all its grandeur. Perfect for all lovers of this country, this beautifully packaged stunning coffee table photobook showcases different amazing pictures of different cities, art, architecture and culture from Israel. Product details Breathtaking images Extra Large 8.5 x 11 size Printed on high quality interior stock Premium finish cover A wonderful gift or the perfect souvenir Take a journey through the world's beautiful country, traveling from color to magnificent color with this beguiling book.

I Am Israel

Author : Angela K Durden,Tom Whitfield
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-10-27
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0985462361
File Size : 26,8 Mb
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Book Summary:

Passage to Israel

Author : Karen Lehrman Bloch
Publisher : Skyhorse
Release : 2022-09-06
Category : Travel
ISBN : 1510772111
File Size : 19,9 Mb
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Book Summary: “Israel is a beautiful country. You wouldn’t know that from watching the evening news, but in Passage to Israel you will experience Israel’s gorgeous natural beauty and its stunning architecture, both ancient and modern.” —William Meyers, photography critic, Wall Street Journal Bursting with lush, vibrant photographs, Passage to Israel is a timeless tribute to one of the world’s most soulful, resolute, and newsworthy countries. Divided into sections on Land, Light, Life, and Soul, the stunning images featured inside capture Israel’s glorious landscapes, its city life, its culture, and its people. From an enchanting sunset over the Dead Sea to the lively city life of Tel Aviv, from colorful marketeers to families in prayer at the Western Wall, this incredible volume moves beyond the typical postcard images of the country to showcase the character of its people and the sanctity of the land they are so resolute in preserving. Contributors to Passage to Israel include thirty-four innovative and groundbreaking photographers, and nearly two hundred of their images are featured inside. Also included are a moving foreword by acclaimed activist Chloé Simone Valdary and an enlightening introduction by the author—a renowned cultural critic and curator—that provide a fascinating frame for the photographs. For a country roughly the size of New Jersey and only formally declared a state in 1948, Israel is easily the world’s most controversial land. It regularly faces violent attacks and political pressure, yet its people refuse to be silenced. They will protect their borders and they will continue to persevere. For those who’ve been to Israel and those who’ve yet to make the trip, here, at last, is a truly immersive experience, an inspiring visual connection to a remarkable, but faraway land.

For the Love of Books

Author : Thatcher Wine,Elizabeth Lane
Publisher : Gibbs Smith
Release : 2020-06-02
Category : House & Home
ISBN : 9781423652168
File Size : 41,8 Mb
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Book Summary: A celebration of the meaning and comfort printed books bring to our homes and lives, from the curation and design experts at Juniper Books. Explore the significance of the home library, embellished with alluring photography and illustrations, in a keepsake worthy of any bibliophile’s collection. For the Love of Books shares the vision of Juniper Books, a business that embraces the roles that books fulfill in our lives and their staying power. It recounts the history of books and private libraries, and champions the resilience of books in the digital era. Dive into the nuances that define books for reading, books for decoration, and books for inspiration. Instructive chapters provide useful details for creating and curating one’s own home library, whether it be a single shelf or multiple rooms each with their own collection. You will never look at your bookshelves the same way again. For the Love of Books is about storytelling beyond the pages of our favorite books. Our books—the ones we choose to keep—tell the story of who we are. They remind us who we once were and who we aspire to be. Thatcher Wine founded Juniper Books in 2001. The company creates custom libraries and has perfected the art of turning books inside out to allow for books to tell stories not just to us, but about us. Working with booklovers, homeowners, and designers, Juniper Books has provided the world with a fresh new approach to the printed book. Thatcher grew up in New York City where his parents owned and operated The Quilted Giraffe, one of the most innovative restaurants in America. Thatcher graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in history and art history and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Elizabeth Lane is the founder of Quarterlane, a quarterly subscription book service which merged with Juniper Books in 2018. She is also the book buyer for her local independent bookstore, Partners Village Store and Kitchen in Westport, Massachusetts. Prior to working in books, Elizabeth worked in contemporary visual art—in galleries, nonprofit initiatives and museums in New York, Austin, and Chicago. Elizabeth graduated from Davidson College with a degree in art history and received her masters degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Israel Rising

Author : Doug Hershey
Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Release : 2020-11
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781496457745
File Size : 22,9 Mb
Total Download : 526


Book Summary: Documented Proof of the Prophetic Promises of God Revealed Thousands of years ago, the prophet Ezekiel foretold a future time in which the arid land of Israel would come alive for its people. Now this breathtaking book documents the fulfillment of that vision--from the hills of Shiloh where shepherds once roamed, to the booming city of Tel Aviv, founded on sand dunes, to the stellar beaches of Caesarea, transformed from a small village into one of Israel's most stunning coastal cities and finally to Jerusalem, the Eternal City of Peace, where in ancient times the power of worship resounded from the Temple. Here, rarely seen photographs taken between the 1880s and the 1940s juxtaposed with contemporary images of the same locations illustrate the region's biblical history as a place of monumental battle, celebration, worship, and awesome resilience. Whether by helicopter or on foot, on their own or with the aid of locals, author Doug Hershey and photographer Elise Monique Theriault negotiate the terrain to access the vantage points required to match the original photos--from the rooftop of Israel's National Museum of Science, Technology and Space in Haifa, to Jaffa Port's breakwater, and much more. Their quest creates a collection that will inspire and captivate as it illuminates Israel's foretold awakening in a new and unforgettable way.

Material World

Author : Peter Menzel,Charles C. Mann
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release : 1994
Category : Photography
ISBN : 0871564300
File Size : 25,9 Mb
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Book Summary: A photo-journey through the homes and lives of 30 families, revealing culture and economic levels around the world.

Jerusalem Rising

Author : Doug Hershey
Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Release : 2021
Category : History
ISBN : 9781496453907
File Size : 22,8 Mb
Total Download : 343


Book Summary: Documented Proof of the Prophetic Promises of God Revealed Thousands of years ago, the prophet Zechariah foretold that the once-revered city of Jerusalem would again shake off its dust and be revived in peace and security. He predicted it would not only become a center of thriving life and seat of international influence but also the place where God himself will return to dwell. This stunning new photo-comparison book and follow-up to Israel Rising documents the long-awaited and ongoing restoration of a city "set in the center of the nations" (Ezekiel 5:5). From its famed walls and gates to the beloved Old City and the new city rising up around it, view some of the oldest photos of Jerusalem ever taken (starting in the 1840s) and see them re-created from the same perspective today―some for the first time ever. Author Doug Hershey and adventure-travel photographer Edden Ram gained exclusive access to storied vantage points to reshoot the exact angles of these stunning and seldom-seen historical photos. The result is an awe-inspiring and groundbreaking collection that will captivate hearts and reveal the accuracy of the prophet's words. The book also features fascinating insights into Jerusalem's first photographers and firsthand accounts from pilgrims, locals, and would-be conquerors that capture the longing and desire for this treasured city, spanning almost 2,000 years. Indeed, the reawakening of the City of Peace is at hand.