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The Body of Money

Author : Gayle Colman
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2023-02-07
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781394166558
File Size : 21,8 Mb
Total Download : 486


Book Summary: In a world gone mad with money The Body of Money: A Self-Help Guide to Create Sustainable Wealth through Innate Intelligence is a comprehensive guide to building and sustaining wealth by using the incredible intelligence of the human body. The story you’ve been told about money is all wrong. Spreadsheets, PNL’s, money markets, and index funds only touch the surface. The Body of Money provides a completely unique and effective approach to personal finance like nothing you’ve experienced before. By demystifying money psychology and behavior economics Certified Financial Planner® and Master Integral Coach™ Gayle Colman shows you exactly how to use your innate wisdom to heal old money patterns, tend to wounds created by generational financial trauma and create sustainable wealth that is aligned with your deepest values. Integrating cutting-edge research, laugh-out-loud storytelling and body-centered practices, Gayle puts the power of individual wealth–building squarely back in your own hands. You will learn: How body practices can have a transformative effect on your money habits. Where your personal money manager lives in your body and how to access its true wisdom. Why investing in a way that matches your personal values can actually be better for your health. How to use your body to gain true financial agency, reduce debt, invest in real estate and make the most important money decisions of your life. The Body of Money is an indispensable approach to personal finance, perfect for any person seeking relief from money struggles and all individuals and families who want to create a robust and healthy money legacy for their lives.

Are You Present in Your Body with Your Money?

Author : Dana Stovern
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-02-20
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0979423392
File Size : 32,8 Mb
Total Download : 326


Book Summary: Body-based money relationship. As alien as that sounds in the world of personal money management, it's an essential component of our personal financial pictures. Once we grasp the presence of our body-based money relationship that is hiding in plain sight, we leverage a valuable and interconnected experience with our finances. It becomes a powerful influencer, practical daily tool and answer to the transformational interior of one of the most vulnerable, intimate and sensitive relationships of our lives: our money relationship. Join Dana Stovern, founder and coach of The Magic of Somatic Money, as she shares her story of tragedy transformed into the discovery of being present in your body at the transactional locations of your money relationship. During your journey you'll unpack your personal money highlights through an eight-part Somatic Money map that will gently and firmly take you into the heart of your financial life. At the center of the work, you'll learn how our bodies vitally connect the integrated dance of our logical IQ brain with our emotionally intelligent EQ body at the location of our embodied monthly numbers. Here, you'll reconnect and heal what's been disconnected at the interior of your life. It's time for you to create healthier money relationship practices for better body-based financial answers.

The Wealthy Body In Business

Author : Tim Bean,Anne Laing
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2017-04-06
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781472935168
File Size : 50,9 Mb
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Book Summary: The business world is getting tougher rather than easier, faster rather than slower, and more stressful rather than less. The city is uploading more pressure, and companies are downsizing their key talent. Yet none of us is getting any younger. Instead of becoming stronger, leaner, fitter, faster, more energised and more engaged, we're mostly getting, slower, sicker, fatter and weaker. At senior levels the gap between expectations to lead and perform, and the ability and capacity to do so is ever widening. Something has to give, and it is. People in business are crumbling under the load, fading under the pressure, and dying under their desks. The cost to business, to family and to society is massive and incalculable. The Wealthy Body in Business is a behind-the-scenes insight – an insider's guide to the most successful strategies, tips and best practices that we have used successfully with our private clients at the top levels of business over the years. We work with executives, directors, leaders and luminaries – all high profile, high-flying men and women – entrepreneurs operating at the hard edge of business, where the pressures are enormous, the stakes are highest - and the cost of failure is inconceivable. In applying these simple but robust remedies, you will find yourself becoming leaner, stronger, smarter, sharper, more confident, more agile, and a whole lot less stressed than you've ever been. Start making better decisions, becoming better leaders, and exponentially extend your influence and earning capacity. Become happier, healthier and more successful. Love the way you feel about life and about business. Your families will love it, your employees will enjoy it, and your doctor will thank you for it. Aimed squarely at high-performing individuals, the message from this book is clear: People who are in better shape age better with more energy, are sleeping better, less stressed, thinking smarter, feeling healthier, working better, always being on top of their game, and will always be more successful in business, and in life.

Lean Body, Fat Wallet

Author : Ellie Kay,Danna Demetre
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release : 2013-12-17
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781400205547
File Size : 44,8 Mb
Total Download : 189


Book Summary: What’s good for the wallet is good for the body—an innovative approach to improving both your wealth and your health. What would you do if you finally lost that weight and had energy to burn? How different would your life be if you were completely out of debt and in control of your finances? And what if you could do both at the same time with just a few simple, sustainable lifestyle changes? It can happen for you—without drastic dieting or austerity budgets, and even if you’ve tried and failed in the past. Ellie Kay and Danna Demetre are life experts in two seemingly different fields—finance and fitness. Working together, they realized the principles and habits that help you balance your budget are the same ones that help you lose weight and keep it off. The result is an innovative “two for one” approach that can literally transform your life. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in Lean Body, Fat Wallet: Four essential habits for satisfying, sustainable change—and how to make them part of your life Ten “failure factors” that trip us up—and how to steer clear of them The single key that makes it all work: “renewing the mind” Proven strategies to overcome emotional eating and spending An all-purpose investment principle to keep you moving forward in hope A wealth of stress busters that don’t rely on food or money A game plan for raising fit and frugal kids Why giving is an essential part of achieving physical and financial health

The Art of Money

Author : Bari Tessler
Publisher : Parallax Press
Release : 2016-06-14
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781941529218
File Size : 33,9 Mb
Total Download : 818


Book Summary: Awarded the 2016 Nautilus Silver Medal for Personal Growth! This is the book your money–savvy best friend, therapist, and accountant would write if they could. It’s the book about money for people who don’t even want to think about money, until the arrival of that inevitable day when we all realize we must come to terms with this thing called money. Everyone has pain and challenges, strengths and dreams about money, and many of us mix profound shame into that relationship. In The Art of Money, Bari Tessler offers an integrative approach that creates the real possibility of "money healing," using our relationship with money as a gateway to self–awareness and a training ground for compassion, confidence, and self–worth. Tessler’s gentle techniques weave together emotional depth, big picture visioning, and refreshingly accessible, nitty–gritty money practices that will help anyone transform their relationship with money and, in so doing, transform their life. As Bari writes, "When we dare to speak the truth about money, amazing healing begins."

The Psychology of Money

Author : Morgan Housel
Publisher : Harriman House Limited
Release : 2020-09-08
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9780857197696
File Size : 32,9 Mb
Total Download : 337


Book Summary: Doing well with money isn’t necessarily about what you know. It’s about how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people. Money—investing, personal finance, and business decisions—is typically taught as a math-based field, where data and formulas tell us exactly what to do. But in the real world people don’t make financial decisions on a spreadsheet. They make them at the dinner table, or in a meeting room, where personal history, your own unique view of the world, ego, pride, marketing, and odd incentives are scrambled together. In The Psychology of Money, award-winning author Morgan Housel shares 19 short stories exploring the strange ways people think about money and teaches you how to make better sense of one of life’s most important topics.

Sex Errors of the Body and Related Syndromes

Author : John Money
Publisher : Brookes Publishing Company
Release : 1994
Category : Psychosexual disorders
ISBN : CORNELL:31924068958721
File Size : 15,8 Mb
Total Download : 430


Book Summary: "Professionals must deal with difficult questions when anomalies, or sex errors, occur during development: What factors should be considered when assigning sex to a newborn of indeterminate sex? How can one address the concerns of adolescents with intersexual anomalies such as androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) and congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)? What guidance is there for an individual who is considering sex reassignment?" "Now, this fully revised and expanded edition helps professionals answer these questions, providing the basic knowledge needed to inform and counsel parents of babies born with sexological disabilities and affected individuals themselves as they grow older. This extensively illustrated resource simplifies complicated concepts but retains medical and technical detail. Also, sharing his decades of counseling experience, the author emphasizes the importance of helping individuals attribute problems associated with an anomaly to the anomaly, rather than to themselves." "Pediatricians, physicians, psychologists, counselors, sex educators, and others in the helping professions will find Sex Errors of the Body and Related Syndromes indispensable as a text, as a reference, and as a counseling guide. In addition, individuals with developmental sexual disabilities and their families will turn to this reliable resource for the clear, concise information they need to help them make critical decisions."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Money, A Love Story

Author : Kate Northrup
Publisher : Hay House, Inc
Release : 2013-09-10
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9781401941765
File Size : 51,8 Mb
Total Download : 569


Book Summary: Having a good relationship with money is tough—whether you have millions in the bank or just a few bucks to your name. Why? Because just like any other relationship, your life with money has its ups and downs, its twists and turns, its breakups and makeups. And just like other relationships, living happily with money really comes down to love—which is why love is the basis of money maven Kate Northrup’s book. After taking the Money Love Quiz to see where on the spectrum your relationship with money stands—somewhere between "on the outs" and "it’s true love!"—Northrup takes you on a rollicking ride to a better understanding of yourself and your money. Step-by-step exercises that address both the emotional and practical aspects of your financial life help you figure out your personal perceptions of money and wealth and how to change them for the better. You’ll learn about thought patterns that may be holding you back from earning what you’re worth or saving what you can. You’ll learn how to chart your current financial life and create a plan to get you to where you want to be—whether that’s earning enough to live in a penthouse in Manhattan or a cabin in the Rockies. Using client stories and her own saga of moving from $20,000 of debt to complete financial freedom by the age of 28, Northrup acts as a guide in your quest for personal financial freedom. She’ll teach you how to shift your beliefs about money, create a budget, spend in line with your values, get out of debt, and so much more. In short, she’ll teach you to love your money, so you can love your life.