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Switching Fields

Author : George Dohrmann
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Release : 2022-11-15
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN : 9781524798871
File Size : 37,8 Mb
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Book Summary: A Pulitzer Prize–winning sports journalist unravels why the United States has failed to produce elite men’s soccer players for so long—and shows why a golden era just might be coming. “George Dohrmann is one of our most perceptive chroniclers of youth sports in the United States, and here he brings his keen eye to the history and present of U.S. men’s soccer development.”—Grant Wahl, CBS Sports analyst and New York Times bestselling author of Masters of Modern Soccer The contrast is striking. As the United States Women’s National soccer team has long dominated the sport—winners of four World Cups and four Olympic gold medals—the men’s team has floundered. They failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup and three consecutive Olympics, and have long struggled when facing the world’s best teams. How could a country so dominant in other men’s team sports—and such a global powerhouse in women’s soccer—be so far behind the rest of the world in men’s soccer? In Switching Fields, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist George Dohrmann turns his investigative focus on the system that develops male soccer players in the United States, examining why the country has struggled for decades to produce first-class talent. But rather than just focus on the past, he looks forward, connecting with coaches and players who are changing the way talented prospects are unearthed and developed: an American living in Japan who devised a new way for kids under five to be introduced to the game; a coach in Los Angeles who traveled to Spain and Argentina and returned with coaching methods that he used to school a team of future pros; a startup in San Francisco that has increased access for Latino players; an Arizona real estate developer whose grand experiment changed the way pro teams in the United States nurture talent. Following these innovators’ inspiring journeys, Dohrmann gives ever-hopeful U.S. soccer fans a reason to believe that a movement is underway to smash the developmental status quo—one that has put the United States on the verge of greatness.

Advances in Solid State Physics

Author : Bernhard Kramer
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2004-07-14
Category : Science
ISBN : 9783540399704
File Size : 15,9 Mb
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Book Summary: This Volume 44 of Advances in Solid State Physics contains the written versions of most of the invited lectures of the Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Physics section of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft held from March 8 to 12, 2004 in Regensburg, Germany. Many of the topical talks given at the numerous and very lively symposia are also included. They have covered extremely interesting and timely subjects. Thus the book truly reflects the status of the field of solid state physics in 2004, and indicates its importance, not only in Germany but also internationally.

Handbook of Nanoscale Optics and Electronics

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2010-05-25
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 0123751799
File Size : 41,8 Mb
Total Download : 732


Book Summary: With the increasing demand for smaller, faster, and more highly integrated optical and electronic devices, as well as extremely sensitive detectors for biomedical and environmental applications, a field called nano-optics or nano-photonics/electronics is emerging – studying the many promising optical properties of nanostructures. Like nanotechnology itself, it is a rapidly evolving and changing field – but because of strong research activity in optical communication and related devices, combined with the intensive work on nanotechnology, nano-optics is shaping up fast to be a field with a promising future. This book serves as a one-stop review of modern nano-optical/photonic and nano-electronic techniques, applications, and developments. Provides overview of the field of Nano-optics/photonics and electronics, detailing practical examples of photonic technology in a wide range of applications Discusses photonic systems and devices with mathematical rigor precise enough for design purposes A one-stop review of modern nano-optical/photonic and nano-electronic techniques, applications, and developments.

Energy Storage, Compression, and Switching

Author : W. Bostick
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2013-11-11
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9781468422146
File Size : 25,9 Mb
Total Download : 969


Book Summary: This international conference was organized by the sponsoring agencies with the following objectives in mind: to bring together active researchers involved in energy compression, switching, and storage who have a major interest in plasma physics, electron beams, electric and magnetic energy storage systems, and high voltage and high current switches. Areas of interest include: Slow systems: 50-60 Hz machinery, transformers, flywheel-homopolar generators, slow capacitors, inductors, and solid state switches. Inter mediate systems: fast capacitor banks, superconducting storage and switch ing, gas, vacuum, and dielectric switching, nonlinear (magnetic) switching, 5 6 fast (10 - 10 Hz) capacitors and fuses. Fast systems: Marx, Blumlein, oil, water, and pressurized water dielectrics, switches, magnetic insula tion, electron beams, and plasmas. The Editors extend thanks to all the authors, and attendees (and their supporting institutions, and companies), everyone of whom in his own measure helped to make the conference a success. The Editors further wish to thank the members of the Scientific Committee for the help they have given in organizing the conference and in editing, especially J. C. Martin and H. L. Laquer. Special recognition is due the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory whose Electrical Engineering Department provided the Secretary of the Scientific Committee and one of the Editors, and the yeowoman services of Sharon Dodson and Cheri Johnson in all the mailings, correspondence, and receiving and organizing of the manuscripts. The LLL Technical Information Department provided the design and printing of the conference announcements and the instructional formats for the authors' manuscripts.

Switching Kinetics and Charge Transport in Organic Ferroelectrics

Author : Tim Cornelissen
Publisher : Linköping University Electronic Press
Release : 2020-08-26
Category : Electronic books
ISBN : 9789179298289
File Size : 32,9 Mb
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Book Summary: The continued digitalization of our society means that more and more things are getting connected electronically. Since currently used inorganic electronics are not well suited for these new applications because of costs and environmental issues, organic electronics can play an important role here. These essentially plastic materials are cheap to produce and relatively easy to recycle. Unfortunately, their poor performance has so far hindered widespread application beyond displays. One key component of any electronic device is the memory. For organic electronics several technologies are being investigated that could serve as memories. One of these are the ferroelectrics, materials that have a spontaneous electrical polarization that can be reversed with an electric field. This bistable polarization which shows hysteresis makes these materials excellent candidates for use as memories. This thesis focuses on a specific type of organic ferroelectric, the supramolecular discotics. These materials consist of disk?like molecules that form columns in which all dipolar groups are aligned, giving a macroscopic ferroelectric polarization. Of particular interest are the benzenetricarboxamides (BTA), which are used as a model system for the whole class of discotic ferroelectrics. BTA uses a core?shell architecture which allows for easy modification of the molecular structure and thereby the ferroelectric properties. To gain a deeper understanding of the switching processes in this organic ferroelectric BTA, both microscopic and analytical modeling are used. This is supported by experimental data obtained through electrical characterization. The microscopic model reduces the material to a collection of dipoles and uses electrostatics to calculate the probability that these dipoles flip. These flipping rates are the input for a kinetic Monte Carlo simulation (kMC), which simulates the behavior of the dipoles over time. With this model we simulated three different switching processes on experimental time and length scales: hysteresis loops, spontaneous depolarization, and switching transients. The results of these simulations showed a good agreement with experiments and we can rationalize the obtained parameter dependencies in the framework of thermally activated nucleation limited switching (TA?NLS). The microscopic character of the model allows for a unique insight into the nucleation process of the polarization switching. We found that nucleation happens at different locations for field driven polarization switching as compared to spontaneous polarization switching. Field?driven nucleation happens at the contacts, whereas spontaneous depolarization starts at defects. This means that retention times in disordered ferroelectrics could be improved by reducing the disorder, without affecting the coercive field. Detailed analysis of the nucleation process also revealed a critical nucleation volume that decreases with applied field, which explains the Merz?like field?dependence of the switching time observed in experiments. In parallel to these microscopic simulations we developed an analytical framework based on the theory of TA?NLS. This framework is mainly focused on describing the switching transients of disordered ferroelectrics. It can be combined with concepts of the Preisach model, which considers a non?ideal ferroelectric as a collection of ideal hysterons. We were able to relate these hysterons and the distribution in their up? and down?switching fields to the microscopic structure of the material and use the combined models to explain experimentally observed dispersive switching kinetics. Whereas ferroelectrics on their own could potentially serve as memories, the readout of ferroelectric memories becomes easier if they are combined with semiconductors. We have introduced several molecular materials following the same design principle of a core?shell structure, which uniquely combine ferroelectricity and semiconductivity in one material. The experimental IV?curves of these materials could be described using an asymmetric Marcus hopping model and show their potential as memories. The combination of modeling and experimental work in this thesis thereby provides an increased understanding of organic ferroelectrics, which is crucial for their application as memories.

Effective Field Approach to Phase Transitions and Some Applications to Ferroelectrics

Author : Julio Antonio Gonzalo
Publisher : World Scientific
Release : 2006
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9789812773128
File Size : 50,9 Mb
Total Download : 156


Book Summary: This book begins by introducing the effective field approach, the simplest approach to phase transitions. It provides an intuitive approximation to the physics of such diverse phenomena as liquid-vapor transitions, ferromagnetism, superconductivity, order-disorder in alloys, ferroelectricity, superfluidity and ferroelasticity. The connection between the effective field approach and Landau's theory is stressed. The main coverage is devoted to specific applications of the effective field concept to ferroelectric systems, both hydrogen bonded ferroelectrics, like those in the TGS family, and oxide ferroelectrics, like pure and mixed perovskites. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: An Overview (310 KB). Contents: Mean Field Approach to Cooperative Phenomena; Some Applications to Ferroelectrics: 1970OCo1991; Some Applications to Ferroelectrics: 1991OCo1997; Some Applications to Ferroelectrics: 1998OCo2005. Readership: Materials scientists, physicists and chemists in academy and industry; final year undergraduates and graduates in materials science."

Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics Research

Author : John V. Chang
Publisher : Nova Publishers
Release : 2006
Category : Condensed matter
ISBN : 1594548293
File Size : 34,8 Mb
Total Download : 450


Book Summary: Condensed matter is one of the most active fields of physics, with a stream of discoveries in areas from superfluidity and magnetism to the optical, electronic and mechanical properties of materials such as semiconductors, polymers and carbon nanotubes. It includes the study of well-characterised solid surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures as well as studies of molecular liquids (molten salts, ionic solutions, liquid metals and semiconductors) and soft matter systems (colloidal suspensions, polymers, surfactants, foams, liquid crystals, membranes, biomolecules etc) including glasses and biological aspects of soft matter. The book presents state-of-the-art research in this exciting field.