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Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education

Author : Margaret Gregson,Sam Duncan,Kevin Brosnan,Jay Derrick,Gary Husband,Lawrence Nixon,Trish Spedding,Rachel Stubley,Robin Webber Jones
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2020-05-14
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781350102026
File Size : 12,8 Mb
Total Download : 777


Book Summary: The definitive textbook for reflective professionals in further, adult and vocational education. Now updated with the latest research, the book offers extensive support for trainee and practising teachers in a variety of settings, for both practice-based training and career-long professionalism. Written by a collaborative author team of sector experts led by Maggie Gregson and Sam Duncan, Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education offers two levels of support: - practical guidance for practitioner success, with a focus on the key issues including planning and assessing learning and collaborative approaches to reflective practice - evidence-informed 'principles' to aid understanding of how theories can effectively inform and develop teaching practices In addition to new case studies from a wider range of settings than ever before, the new edition offers broader national and international coverage, greater emphasis on work-based learning, and more ideas for exploring classroom communication and meeting a wider range of learner needs. Readings for Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education directly compliments this book, providing access to key texts, working as a compact and portable library. provides a treasure trove of additional support, including supplementary sector-specific material for considering questions around society's educational aims.

Vocationalism in Further and Higher Education

Author : Sai Loo,Jill Jameson
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2016-08-05
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781317366799
File Size : 32,8 Mb
Total Download : 570


Book Summary: Vocationalism in Further and Higher Education presents a collection of research-based papers on the ‘English model’ of vocationalism and higher education. It argues that negative societal and political perceptions have hindered the debate about the significance and relevance of vocational education and training provision to learning, work and the economy. In this book, the writers offer unique solutions to the difficult questions that have emerged from their investigations into vocationalism in England. This edited collection brings together a group of academic experts to report and discuss their findings from many years of evidence-based research on vocationalism at three levels: macro (national and policy-making), meso (programmes and organization), and micro (individual learning and teaching). Chapters explore the key issues relating to the topic, such as policies, curriculum, learning and teaching, and work contexts. The book reflects on the diversity of related programmes, and discusses the applicability and relevance of the term ‘vocationalism’ in the light of current developments relating to higher vocational education, including occupation, employability and professionalism. This book is a timely contribution to the debate on the ‘English model’ of vocational education and will be an essential resource for researchers, practitioners and postgraduate students in the fields of vocational education, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), work-based learning, politics and policy of education, teaching and learning, higher education, and curriculum and pedagogy.

Authentic Professional Learning

Author : Ann Webster-Wright
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2010-08-05
Category : Education
ISBN : 9789048139477
File Size : 18,8 Mb
Total Download : 896


Book Summary: There is considerable and growing interest in professionals learning across their working lives. The growth in this interest is likely premised upon the increasing percentage of those who are being employed under the designation as professi- als or para-professional workers in advanced industrial economies. Part of being designated in this way is a requirement to be able to work autonomously and in a relatively self-regulated manner. Of course, many other kinds of employment also demand such behaviours. However, there is particular attention being given to the ongoing development of workers who are seen to make crucial decisions and take actions about health, legal and ?nancial matters. Part of this attention derives from expectations within the community that those who are granted relative autonomy and are often paid handsomely should be current and informed in their decisi- making. Then, like all other workers, professionals are required to maintain their competence in the face of changing requirements for work. Consequently, a volume that seeks to inform how best this ongoing learning can be understood, supported and assisted is most timely and welcomed. This volume seeks to elaborate professional learning through a consideration of the concept of authentic professional learning. What is proposed here is that, in contrast to programmatic approaches towards professional development, the process of continuing professional learning is a personal, complex and diverse process that does not lend itself to easy prescription or the realisation of others’ intents.

Readings for Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education

Author : Margaret Gregson,Lawrence Nixon,Andrew Pollard,Trish Spedding
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2015-02-26
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781472586513
File Size : 24,8 Mb
Total Download : 517


Book Summary: Readings for Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education is a unique portable library of exceptional readings drawing together seminal extracts and contemporary literature from international sources from books and journals to support both initial study and extended career-long professionalism for further, adult and vocational education practitioners. Introductions to each reading highlight the key issues explored and explain the status of classic works. This book, along with the core text and associated website, draw upon the work of Andrew Pollard, former Director of the TLRP, and the work of many years of accumulated understanding of generations of further, adult and vocational professionals. Readings for Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education, the core text, Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education, and the website, provide a fully integrated set of resources promoting the expertise of further, adult and vocational professionals. The associated website, offers supplementary resources including reflective activities, research briefings and advice on further readings. It also features a glossary of educational terms, links to useful websites and showcases examples of excellent research and practice. This book forms part of the Reflective Teaching series, edited by Andrew Pollard and Amy Pollard, offering support for reflective practice in early, primary, secondary, further, vocational, university and adult sectors of education.

Neoliberalism Across Education

Author : Ewan Ingleby
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021-05-25
Category : Education
ISBN : 9783030739621
File Size : 29,8 Mb
Total Download : 669


Book Summary: This book explores the impact of neoliberalism on education in the UK. Drawing on policies across the sector in England as a case study, the author illuminates and analyses the development of neoliberal policy on models of practice. The author explores the theory and philosophy that have come to define neoliberalism, and offers an explanation as to how this has been applied to the education sector in England at various different stages. Informed and scaffolded by years of empirical research in educational contexts, this book interrogates the impact of neoliberalism on educational practice. It will be of interest and value to scholars of neoliberalism and education, as well as practitioners.

Mentoring Teachers in Post-Compulsory Education

Author : Bryan Cunningham
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2012-03-12
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781136718694
File Size : 13,9 Mb
Total Download : 967


Book Summary: The post-compulsory sector is complex and multifaceted, with highly diverse and sometimes challenging learner groups and subject to change from almost unending shifts in educational policy. Effective mentoring has a crucial role in the initial training of new teachers in the post-compulsory sector offering them the guidance and practical support they need to respond to these challenges. This second edition has been updated to reflect the new LLUK standards, current research and technological advances. Describing all of the expectations, responsibilities and rewards involved in mentoring, the book covers: What to expect as a mentor and what your mentee expects of you The skills, attributes and functions that make an effective mentor Organising and conducting observations Time management What to do when things go wrong Accessible, practical and supportive, this book will help make mentoring an easier, more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all new mentors in the post-compulsory sector.

Disability, Avoidance and the Academy

Author : David Bolt,Claire Penketh
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2017-07-14
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781317511090
File Size : 42,8 Mb
Total Download : 420


Book Summary: Disability is a widespread phenomenon, indeed a potentially universal one as life expectancies rise. Within the academic world, it has relevance for all disciplines yet is often dismissed as a niche market or someone else’s domain. This collection explores how academic avoidance of disability studies and disability theory is indicative of social prejudice and highlights, conversely, how the academy can and does engage with disability studies. This innovative book brings together work in the humanities and the social sciences, and draws on the riches of cultural diversity to challenge institutional and disciplinary avoidance. Divided into three parts, the first looks at how educational institutions and systems implicitly uphold double standards, which can result in negative experiences for staff and students who are disabled. The second part explores how disability studies informs and improves a number of academic disciplines, from social work to performance arts. The final part shows how more diverse cultural engagement offers a way forward for the academy, demonstrating ways in which we can make more explicit the interdisciplinary significance of disability studies – and, by extension, disability theory, activism, experience, and culture. Disability, Avoidance and the Academy: Challenging Resistance will interest students and scholars of disability studies, education studies and cultural studies.

EBOOK: A-Z of Lifelong Learning

Author : Jonathan Tummons,Sharon Powell
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
Release : 2014-06-16
Category : Education
ISBN : 9780335263257
File Size : 10,8 Mb
Total Download : 538


Book Summary: The A to Z of Lifelong Learning has been written for anyone involved in the lifelong learning sector, whether as an evening class tutor, trainee FE teacher or college manager. With its glossary format, this book allows students, tutors and practitioners to easily explore the many key themes, issues and debates that shape contemporary practice in the lifelong learning sector. Written in an accessible style the A to Z of Lifelong Learning combines ease of use with a critical perspective, covering a range of important topics relating to learning and teaching in lifelong learning, the people (staff, students and other stakeholders) and the organisation and management of the sector. Each entry provides a succinct and helpful overview for busy students and practitioners, and includes: Introduction: A brief definition of the term, including changes in emphasis/usage over time. Key concepts: An exploration of key concepts and debates within the topic, referenced to both recent literature and seminal works/writers. Practical application: Commentary relating to the application/manifestation of the concept in practice, drawing on real world examples where appropriate. Readable, critical and fully referenced to provide guidelines for further reading and research, the book is aimed at students who are taking a wide variety of lifelong learning qualifications. "This book is an excellent entry point for anyone who wants to know more about lifelong learning and the lifelong learning sector. Each entry provides a clear definition and an introduction to the topic with an overview of the key elements. This is followed by a concise critical review highlighting the key theorists and writers. Each section concludes with a comprehensive guide to further reading. Jonathan Tummons and Ewan Ingleby combine scholarship and experience of the sector with the outcomes of their own research to create a valuable addition to the literature on lifelong learning. If you are unfamiliar with the territory of lifelong learning, this book gives you the map." Pete Scales, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Derby, UK "In their introduction, Tummons and Ingleby describe the breadth and complexity of the lifelong learning sector with its wide range of educational institutions, programmes of study, contexts and settings and diverse student and teacher populations. That it manages so comprehensively to encompass this sector, from 'Accreditation of Prior Learning' to 'Zone of Proximal Development', is one of the key achievements of this text. Each entry is economically written but any necessary brevity does not prevent the writers from dealing with topics in a critical and scholarly fashion and entries are usefully accompanied by references and further reading. The indices of most textbooks concerned with the sector will usually indicate where, through the text, individual topics are dealt with. A strong feature of A-Z of Lifelong Learning is that readers can go directly to topics which interest them for a clear, comprehensive treatment of them. This text will be invaluable to all those teaching or studying in the sector and will be particularly useful for those outside the sector baffled by the myriad topics, theories, policies, processes which are current within it - indeed, there is even an entry on 'Jargon'!" Andrew Armitage, Head of the Department of Post-Compulsory Education, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK "This is a welcome and timely text. Lifelong learning is characterised by continual revision and radical diversity. This simple A-Z of the sector provides a much needed overview of that complexity. For the novice unfamiliar with the pedagogies, philosophies and policies that define working with adults, this A-Z of Lifelong Learning is an accessible introduction. The seasoned professional familiar with a particular institutional setting will appreciate gaining depth and insight into the workings of an entirely different educational context. Those working in a further education college may know little and understand less about the distinctiveness of the Workers' Educational Association. Each alphabetically listed entry is sharply focussed and accessibly written. The writers somehow manage to stay true to the criticality and contention desired by those seeking depth. They do more than provide factual information; the reader is gently guided through the broad arguments surrounding that particular entry - audit, Ofsted and part-time tutors are three good examples of how contestation is introduced: there is enough here to appreciate the significance of the concept but too little to completely satisfy. The reader is left curious and inspired, wanting to follow up and find out more. Yet, each entry provides just enough detail to stimulate thought and discussion." Carol Azumah Dennis, PCET Programme Director, University of Hull, UK