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Just One Goal!

Author : Robert Munsch
Publisher : Scholastic Canada
Release : 2015-11-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781443148535
File Size : 29,9 Mb
Total Download : 799


Book Summary: At last — Canada's favourite storyteller takes on Canada's most beloved pastime! Ciara is tired of hauling her hockey gear across town to play on the rink. It makes no sense—there is a perfectly good frozen river in her own backyard! But her dad says it's too jagged, and her mom says it's too bumpy, and her older sisters don't see why she can't keep going all the way across town, just like they did. But Ciara won't let anybody stop her. And with a little help from the neighbourhood, she knows that her team, the River Rink Rats, will finally win a game on their own brand new rink. In classic Robert Munsch style, this warm fun story of community and hockey takes a hilarious turn. With the excitement and pace of a real hockey match, the River Rink Rats play their final game on their new rink. The pressure is on; the crowd is watching; Ciara has the puck; the crowd keeps watching; the ice starts to...CRACK!; Ciara keeps playing; the ice starts to drift; the crowd starts running; Ciara shoots to SCORE and— You can be sure that no matter how the game ends, there will be hot chocolate! This ebook features read-along narration by the author.

One Goal

Author : Bill Beswick
Publisher : Human Kinetics
Release : 2015-10-01
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN : 9781492585763
File Size : 10,8 Mb
Total Download : 645


Book Summary: In soccer, perhaps more than any other sport, success hinges on team performance rather than individual play. As coaches are well aware, inspiring a group of players to perform as a finely tuned, coordinated unit is an on-going challenge. While several factors interfere with cohesion and flow of a soccer team, no published work has specifically addressed how to prevent and conquer such problems . . . until now. In One Goal: The Mindset of Winning Soccer Teams, internationally renowned performance psychologist and author of the best-selling Focused for Soccer, Bill Beswick, delivers an unrivaled guide to developing a winning team mindset. One Goal is arranged sequentially, providing invaluable insights on the various challenges facing coaches when pursuing a winning team mindset. You’ll find techniques, tools and suggestions to implement when addressing both common and unique challenges throughout the season. Specific contexts such as cup finals and tournaments are featured as well. Recognizing team mindset as a factor distinguishing success from failure, One Goal features proven strategies from one of soccer’s top performance psychologists. It’s a soon-to-be classic that you will turn to again and again.

One Goal

Author : Amy Bass
Publisher : Hachette Books
Release : 2018-02-27
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780316396578
File Size : 54,8 Mb
Total Download : 569


Book Summary: In the tradition of Friday Night Lights and Outcasts United, ONE GOAL tells the inspiring story of the soccer team in a town bristling with racial tension that united Somali refugees and multi-generation Mainers in their quest for state--and ultimately national--glory. When thousands of Somali refugees resettled in Lewiston, Maine, a struggling, overwhelmingly white town, longtime residents grew uneasy. Then the mayor wrote a letter asking Somalis to stop coming, which became a national story. While scandal threatened to subsume the town, its high school's soccer coach integrated Somali kids onto his team, and their passion began to heal old wounds. Taking readers behind the tumult of this controversial team--and onto the pitch where the teammates vied to become state champions and achieved a vital sense of understanding--ONE GOAL is a timely story about overcoming the prejudices that divide us.

One Goal, Two Paths

Author : The World Bank
Publisher : World Bank Publications
Release : 2011-09-14
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9780821388709
File Size : 55,9 Mb
Total Download : 444


Book Summary: Despite the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region's impressive economic growth, over 1 billion of its people still lack access to electricity and modern cooking solutions. To achieve universal access to modern energy by 2030, this book exhorts EAP countries to advance simultaneously on two paths: (1) accelerate programs for grid and off-grid electricity through appropriate policies and innovative technologies; and (2) scale up access to clean cooking fuels and efficient cooking stoves, particularly for biomass in poor rural areas.

The One Goal of Gabby the Ghost

Author : Spencer Toole
Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
Release : 2019-07-15
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781725355262
File Size : 25,9 Mb
Total Download : 848


Book Summary: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills are the tools that every child needs to succeed in school and in life. This book introduces readers to the SEL skill of goal setting, a key part of the SEL core concept of self-management. Readers will follow Gabby as she defines her goal and then works to achieve it. Eye-catching illustrations, a stimulating storyline, and a relatable situation will engage students as they acquire integral skills for daily life. For a comprehensive learning experience, this fiction title can be paired with the nonfiction title Why Are Goals Important? (ISBN: 9781725355279). The instructional guide on the inside front and back covers provides vocabulary, reflections, background knowledge, text-dependent questions, whole class activities, and independent activities.


Author : Alex Bet
Publisher : Alex Bet
Release : 2023-05-29
Category : Games & Activities
ISBN : 8210379456XXX
File Size : 28,9 Mb
Total Download : 602


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Two Stalkers One Goal, or: How the Science of Implosions Nearly Destroyed Our Lives

Author : Jack Norton,Kitty Norton
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Release : 2022-03-16
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781458339973
File Size : 24,9 Mb
Total Download : 157


Book Summary: High school sweethearts Jack and Kitty have it all - an Emmy Award winning children’s television show they created, a band touring the world and a film career heading for certain success. Deep in the woods, The Wisconsin Blaster sits in a shrine devoted to his obsession: Kitty. Surrounded by used tampons and discarded coffee cups, he carefully studies schematics...researching dynamite to take down a building. Several hundred miles away, another blaster has already been rigging the same building - meticulously planning an implosion of his own. They are two stalkers, with one goal: to destroy the personal and professional lives of Jack and Kitty. In a story stranger than fiction, this inspiring memoir offers hope and healing for victims of stalking, cyberstalking, narcissistic abuse, gossip and bullying...all with more twists and turns than any Hollywood thriller. In the game of life, hope is a chameleon.

One Goal, Two Paths and Three Powers

Author : Sirshree
Release : 2015-10-29
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 8210379456XXX
File Size : 17,8 Mb
Total Download : 178


Book Summary: ‘One goal.., Two paths…, Three powers….’ This transcript is an extract from a discourse by Sirshree that expounds the secret of true liberation in a simple manner. It delves into the true purpose of life and explains the two-fold path towards attaining this purpose through the use of three inherent powers. The goal of life is not only earning a living but also achieving the ‘Mission Earth.’ For achieving this, you can choose one of the two paths, namely the path of ‘being’ and the path of ‘doing’. The three powers which will assist you in achieving this goal are 1) The Power of Presence. 2) The Power of Present and 3) The Power of Pure Love.