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Advanced English Conversations (2)

Author : A Mustafaoglu,Robert Allans,Matt Edie
Publisher : Independently Published
Release : 2020-06-12
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798653495182
File Size : 10,9 Mb
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Book Summary: You may have asked yourself whether there is some effective method that can make you speak English fluently, efficiently and with confidence.Well, there is such a method! Advanced English Conversations will first and foremost help you gain mastery and command of those tricky idioms and phrases that are so common in English. In this book you are going to be acquainted with 100 active dialogues that present the language functionally. In other words, you are going to learn exactly where and how to use the phrases effortlessly and with ease. All you need to do is to do the exercises below the dialogues and subsequently create similar dialogues on your own. This will integrate the phrases in your head in the form of a network. As a result, you are expected to master all the idioms and the phrases practically. Advanced English Conversations is designed to make a difference in the field of acquiring English as a Second Language. READ & SUCCEED

Advanced English Conversation Dialogues

Author : Jackie Bolen
Publisher : Independently Published
Release : 2020-11-06
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798560013288
File Size : 47,8 Mb
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Book Summary: Speak English fluently like a native speaker with these advanced English conversation dialogues. What would it mean for your studies or career to be able to speak and write freely in English? How about understanding more of what you hear or read? These idioms and phrases in Advanced English Conversation Dialogues are designed to improve your English quickly and easily. Jackie Bolen has nearly fifteen years of experience teaching ESL/EFL to students in South Korea and Canada. She has written dialogues filled with helpful idioms and phrases in American English, plus each dialogue has practice exercises. You'll improve your English vocabulary in no time at all! Pick up a copy of the book today if you want to... Learn some new English idioms and phrases Have a variety of authentic dialogues at your fingertips Improve your American English Speak English fluently and confidently Have some fun while learning English Pick up your copy of the book today. Advanced English Conversation Dialogues by Jackie Bolen will help you stay motivated while consistently improving your English skills.

Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics

Author : Eric H. Roth,Toni Aberson
Publisher : Chimayo Press
Release : 2010-10-29
Category : Education
ISBN : 9780982617809
File Size : 16,9 Mb
Total Download : 664


Book Summary: This innovative ESL/EFL textbook helps advanced English language learners develop conversation skills and improve fluency by sharing experiences, reflecting on their lives, and discussing proverbs and quotations. The oral skills English textbook includes 45 thematic chapters, over 1,350 questions, 500 vocabulary words, 250 proverbs and American idioms, and 500 quotations. Designed for both adult education and intensive English language students, the conversations and activities deepen critical thinking skills and develop speaking skills essential to success in community college and university programs. Compelling Conversations has been used in classrooms in over 40 countries, recommended by English Teaching Professional magazine, adopted by conversation clubs and private English tutors, and enjoyed by thousands of English students.

Advanced conversational english

Author : David Crystal,Derek Davy
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1981
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : OCLC:464253390
File Size : 32,8 Mb
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Book Summary:

Speak English Like an American

Author : Amy Gillett
Publisher : Language Success Press
Release : 2004
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN : 9780972530033
File Size : 45,8 Mb
Total Download : 979


Book Summary: The audio CD contains all of the dialogues in the book.

Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation, Premium Third Edition

Author : Jean Yates
Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Release : 2020-04-03
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN : 9781260462173
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Total Download : 321


Book Summary: Gain the skills needed to converse in English with confidence! Conversing comfortably in a new language can seem like a daunting task. This accessible guide will help you build the skills to communicate in English with confidence. The book is packed with crystal-clear explanations, numerous realistic examples, and dozens of engaging exercises to help you hone your conversation skills. You’ll learn how to introduce yourself, make appointments, strike up conversations, and much more. Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation is organized around 12 units that present specific conversational situations and common, everyday scenarios. Each unit offers helpful instructions on correct pronunciation, grammar, syntax, and word usage. The exclusive McGraw-Hill Language app features streaming audio recordings of all dialogues in the book plus the answers to more than 100 exercises. Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation will help you: • Engage in dialogues that illustrate practical conversations • Expand your English vocabulary • Get clarification of new concepts with numerous realistic examples • Reinforce your new conversational skills through extensive exercises • Test your understanding of key themes in the book • Improve your pronunciation through audio dialogs and exercises, online and via the McGraw-Hill Language app

The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need

Author : Susan Thurman,Larry Shea
Publisher : Adams Media
Release : 2003-05-01
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781580628556
File Size : 11,9 Mb
Total Download : 450


Book Summary: The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need is the ideal resource for everyone who wants to produce writing that is clear, concise, and grammatically excellent. Whether you're creating perfect professional documents, spectacular school papers, or effective personal letters, you'll find this handbook indispensable. From word choice to punctuation to organization, English teacher Susan Thurman guides you through getting your thoughts on paper with polish. Using dozens of examples, The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need provides guidelines for: Understanding the parts of speech and elements of a sentence Avoiding the most common grammar and punctuation mistakes Using correct punctuating in every sentence Writing clearly and directly Approaching writing projects, whether big or small Easy to follow and authoritative, The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need provides all the necessary tools to make you successful with every type of written expression.

Compelling American Conversations

Author : Eric Hermann Roth,Toni Aberson,Hal Bogotch,Laurie Selik
Publisher : Chimayo Press
Release : 2012-06-10
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN : 9781468158366
File Size : 48,9 Mb
Total Download : 554


Book Summary: Compelling American Conversations: Questions and Quotations for Intermediate American English Language Learners from Chimayo Press helps American immigrants and international students develop their fluency skills and academic vocabulary through conversation exercises. Each chapter includes two sets of conversation questions, vocabulary review, short writing exercises, paraphrasing exercises with proverbs, a discussion activity around pithy quotations, and an online “Search and Share” activity. Focusing on both daily experiences and American culture through proverbs, quotations, and speaking exercises, the materials help intermediate English language learners explore their lives, learn common American sayings and expressions, and develop vital discussion skills. The 15 topical chapters include: Opening Moves; Going Beyond Hello; Making and Breaking Habits; Studying English; Being Yourself; Choosing and Keeping Friends; Playing and Watching Sports; Talking About American Television; Celebrating American Holidays; Being Stylish; Handling Stress; Practicing Job Interviews; Valuing Money and Finding Bargains; Exploring American Cities and Seeing Our World With Photographs. The “Resources and Notes” appendix includes the academic word list, supplemental worksheets, bibliographical references, author biographies and indices to proverbs and quotations. Designed primarily for community college ESL and adult education students, this flexible ESL textbook can be used by high school English language learners (ELL) and intensive English programs. Compelling American Conversations, is the third title in the Compelling Conversations series, most known for the original fluency-focused advanced ESL textbook, Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics (2006).