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These assist scale back your danger of getting infections. If you have had hepatitis B prior to now, rituximab could make it energetic once more. Your doctor or nurse will talk to you about this and take a look at you for hepatitis B. If you could have lively hepatitis B, you will not have treatment with rituximab. If you’ve any of those signs, you must stop taking the capecitabine tablets till you have spoken to your doctor. Call your physician or the 24-hour number the hospital has given you. If you can not get by way of, name the NHS pressing advice quantity which is 111.

  • It will start to get higher when therapy ends.
  • Your physician or nurse may give you recommendation and prescribe creams to enhance the symptoms.
  • It can help to keep your palms and toes cool and to avoid tight-fitting socks, shoes and gloves.

Some chemotherapy medicine can affect whether or not you will get pregnant or father a toddler. Women are advised to not breastfeed whereas having this treatment. This is as a result of the medication might be passed to the infant through breast milk. If your immune system is weak, you need to keep away from live vaccinations such as shingles. Do not drive if you really feel dizzy or drained, or in case your vision is affected.

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Your physician or nurse will let you know the number of cycles you’re more likely to have. During treatment you will notice a most cancers physician, a blood specialist , a chemotherapy nurse or a specialist nurse and a pharmacist. This is who we imply once we point out physician, nurse or pharmacist in this info. Treatment with high-dose chemotherapy destroys most cancers cells in your bone marrow. You will then be given again your own stem cells as a drip into a vein. Stem cells are the earliest stage of blood cells. These stem cells will go into your bone marrow and begin to make new blood cells.

The pores and skin within the area could go red and itchy for some time. You normally have injections beneath the pores and skin into the stomach, thigh or high of your arm.

You might feel sick in the first few days of your remedy. The nurses will provide you with anti-illness medicine regularly.

You might placed on weight, or your ankles and legs might swell because of fluid build up. If your ankles and legs swell, it can help to put your legs up on a foot stool or cushion. The swelling will get better after therapy ends. If you could have constipation, contact the hospital for advice.

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Your nurse will check your blood pressure regularly. If this happens it could possibly damage the tissue across the vein. Extravasation is not common when your medication are given through a central line or PICC line. But if it happens, it is necessary that it’s dealt with shortly. Tell your nurse immediately if you have any stinging, pain, redness or swelling around the vein.

You often have the steroid drug as tablets but you may also have it into your bloodstream. It is finest to take them early in the day, immediately after breakfast.

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If you have signs of most cancers contact your physician. G-CSF (granulocyte-colony stimulating factor) is a sort of drug referred to as a growth issue. It encourages the physique to make extra white blood cells. Sometimes a response can occur a couple of hours after treatment. If you get any indicators or really feel unwell after you get residence, contact the hospital immediately. Your nurse will check you for signs of a response during your remedy.

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