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I will be using notes throughout coz it’s a topic which I think that most people find confusing so I don’t know all of this off the top of my head I will still be referring to my own notes throughout just to make sure I can explain it as clearly as possible so I’ll pop up some little pictures and diagrams throughout and subheadings to try and break it down make it a bit clearer but if you do have any further questions after then please drop me a message and get in touch so what is occlusion basically occlusion is a relationship between the teeth and the top and the bottom jaw when chewing or at rest there are two things that determine occlusion said the position of the teeth and the position of the jaw so the maxilla which is the top jaw and the mandible which is the lower jaw so we’ll just start with a couple of definitions which I’m going to put on the screen now most of these are from the workbook which I got from my occlusion course

of one I’ve already discussed the advanced center of excellence so these are going to come up on the screen as I’m talking you through them so firstly is the ICP or the intercostal position and this is the relationship of the mandible to the maxilla when the teeth are maximally inter digitated so this is basically as the teeth meeting together and it’s the contact between the greatest number of opposing teeth so is tooth determined so the centric relation position or CR is the relationship of the mandible to the maxilla when the condyles are in their most superior positions in the glenoid fossa with their anterior surfaces acting against the posterior facing surfaces of the mennenga and i always struggle with that word so hopefully that makes sensenow CR can be maintained over a range of vertical dimensions so it’s not an explicit clinical description of a draw relationship unless the vertical dimension is specified so alternative terms for

are dental implant safe

Dental Surgery

We’re going to look at a whole bunch of different structures.

We’re going to take a look at an actual nice sized tooth here look over all the components.

we’ll take a look at the maxillary and the mandibular components and then we’ll
take a look at the maxillary mandibular detention.

we’re going to look at a whole bunch of different structures here we’re going to take a look at an actual nice sized tooth .

Dental Surgery Step By Step

Look over all the components. We’ll take a look at the maxillary and the mandibular components and then we’ll
take a look at the maxillary mandibular detention.

We’re going to start digging in here into the tooth.

Guys we’re going to go ahead and take a look at this tooth.

Here you see how it has like this little outline from this top part here to the bottom part here.

dental crown

It’s representing it with this like space here for 17 this is representing the crown of the tooth .

so if you go from the top part here to the tooth to gets like.

right around here where the gingiva is that’s the crown.

how much dental implant

we just place it on the implant and we use our digital scanner to take the impression laughs and our lab will fabricate a nice porcelain crown now that nice porcelain crown as you can see has like a little opening on top with that screw showing and that’s what attaches the crown to the implant itself and then we sealed that with a filling so the crown would look just like you see here on this on this picture and that was an x-ray for the implant and here we ask our patient how was her experience after placing so what do you think of the whole experience the overall experience was pretty great I felt like you made me in a broom priority making sure I was fine looming and make me feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure so I felt like two disciplines finally avoid foods yeah those were noise so like I have to again. Discover more about Penis Enhancement Techniques

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we’re ready to remove our guide this is a minimally invasive process now our surgical part of the dental implant is pretty much done and then we verify again with taking another CT scan to make sure that we achieved the position that we were looking for this is the x-ray to see the dental implants right there and you can also see that bleeding was very minimal with dental implants they are normally two phases the surgical phase and then the prosthetic phase and we like to wait on those dental implants anywhere between four to six months just to allow enough healing and integration between the titanium implant and the bone this image here is five months later and the healing took place very nicely this white is a plastic is called scanned body. Check out dental implants.

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we make sure that our guide fits nicely and after we verify the fit we get our patient down for the procedure so we put the digital guide in there and we mark the tissues where we’re gonna start the process of course patient is pretty nicely done she cannot feel anything and now we now we go ahead and we start preparing the site where the dental implant is gonna go and digital guided process our results are always accurate it does not consume time and fish’ was very comfortable during the procedure so after we have the site ready and prepared now we grab the dental implant the size and the width of this was predetermined once we did our digital planning process and this step is very easy we just basically screw it in place secure it with our tools and once it’s nicely secured in there. Discover more about dental implant cost.

cost for dental implant

we remove the baby tooth it’s after we did the bone grafting so technically we’re pretty much ready to place our dental implant in there we contact our lab and we do a digital workflow where we design a guide this is how the guide looks like it’s basically a piece of plastic that has a very tight fit against the teeth and it does have an index one or two or three how many implants we need to do now the index gives us the exact spot where our implant is gonna go into the job which brings the procedure to very high accuracy we bring our patient to the room.

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dental implants

it’s a minimally invasive procedure our patient Jennifer who has a missing tooth, she kept her baby tooth for a long time so she does have an over retained baby tooth that started giving her problems and we needed to remove that baby tooth and it placed some bone grafting in there to start the implant process for her and we started with some x-rays so we did like a CT scanner that’s like an image that gives us three dimension to the area that we’re planning to work on looking at those records. Find out more about  dental implant near me

Penis Techniques

Even though the size of your penis doesn’t determine how good of a partner you are, a lot of men still worry that theirs might be too small. Penoplasty or penis enlargement surgery is now one of the biggest cosmetic trends. This article will examine penis enhancement surgery and it’s pros and cons.

Types of Penis Enhancement Procedures

Penis Enlargement Fat Transfer

This procedure consists of taking fat tissues from suitable parts of the body to enlarge the size of the penis. Instead of injecting fat into the penis shaft, fat is grafted into the shaft’s surface. Most patients undergo multiple treatments because fat tissues may be reabsorbed by the body. Some patients may reabsorb up to 80% of the grafted fat within one year.

Penis Enlargement Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers used for lip plumping and treating skin wrinkles are also used to increase penile girth and length. It is important to remember that this procedure is temporary and it may take multiple treatments to achieve the size you desire. In case the patient changes his mind, dermal fillers can be easily reversed by dissolving them. This procedure also does not improve erectile dysfunction.

Penis Enlargement Ligament Transection

This is the most commonly performed penis enhancement procedure. The procedure is done by severing the ligament attaching the penis shaft to the pubic bone. This changes the penile angle, causing the penis to hang lower than before, appearing longer.

Benefits of Penis Enhancement Procedures

Increasing both length and girth is possible

Some men wish to change only the length or girth but for others, they want both. Enhancing both the girth and the length of your penis is possible and still safe, as long as you choose a reputable surgeon for the procedure.

Boosting self-confidence

Most men who choose to undergo this procedure have this goal in particular. After completing the operation and achieving their desired penis size, they now feel secure and more confident.

Results are permanent

Except for dermal filler procedures, other penis enhancement procedures yield permanent results. Patients won’t have to worry about the penis returning to its former size or going back consistently for appointments.

Risks of Penis Enhancement Procedures

Damage to nerve endings

There is a slim chance of something going wrong either during or after the operation. Damaging the penis nerve endings is one of them. When the nerves in the penis are damaged, it may affect the feeling of the penis. In worst cases, the penis might get numb.

Excessive bleeding

The patient may experience this risk especially when he has blood clotting issues. Losing lots of blood in a short amount of time can be very dangerous. It might lead to hemorrhagic shock or even death.

Risk of infections

This usually happens when the patient fails to maintain proper hygiene post-surgery. Failing to keep the penis clean while it is in a very vulnerable state after surgery may lead to infections. If left untreated, it may lead to permanent scarring.


With increasing modern breakthroughs in the medical field, surgery is becoming safer and more convenient. Penis enhancement surgeries are no exceptions. While the said procedures might quickly yield permanent results, the risk of something going wrong is never totally avoided.

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